Randomness – April Photo a Day – 23, 26, 29

Because I still have to “catch up” I am posting in random order because some photos relate to each other better than if I went in order. When/if I catch up I will just go in order… I think.  Thanks for being patient with me.

23. Vegetable  Unless I am going to serve vegetables right away I just don’t buy fresh as often as I like. They end up bad before we can eat them all and I don’t like living at the grocery store. I always have a supply of veggies in the freezer. Right now C boy is into carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. Surprising I know. Sweet P will eat almost any veggie as long as his big brother doesn’t start making a fuss about them.


26. Black & White  I was feeling very literal when I took this shot. I love that the piggy bank is zebra print. A very stylin pig. I’ve had this thing for years. The boys found it and have claimed it.

Black & White – To Literal?

29. Circle  I could spend days in a paper or office supply store just looking at al the fun options that are out there for paper, folders, envelopes, cards… you get it. A friend of mine found this folder with colorful circles. And it says Chocolate (yumm) and Jackie. I was meant to have it.