Parenthood – Photo a Day – Kids

This month seems to be full of kid themed photos. I guess we just go with it. Here is day 4, 11, 16, 23, 25, 29.

4. Close-Up  Here is my Sweet P, up close and personal.

Close-Up of Sweet P

11. Door  This was the most interesting door I could come up with. This door is also one of the most popular in our house right now. There really is something tied to boys DNA that connect with truck, cars, engines and Ferrari’s, well in this house at least.

Door – Fire Truck

16. Out and About  This was a day that we were staying in. No out and about for us. Sweet P had decided at the time that he wanted to wear big boy pants and potty on the potty. He has at this point changed his mind. But this day this is what I was doing… the glamourous life of a mom.

No Out and About for this mom

23. Movement  There are very few places that have more movement than a kids birthday party. It was a fun filled Pirate Pool Party.

Movement – Pirate Pool Party

25. Something Cute  Of course I took a pic of my kid (and hubby). It was funny cause Sweet P and daddy were pretending to be asleep.

Something Cute – My boys

29. Soft  This handsome guy is so smart and strong, full of ideas and creations and all boy. Yet he has such a soft heart. He is well balanced between strong and soft. Love this kid so much. OH and by the way… this photo was taken right after he lost his first tooth. (Taken by daddy, edited by me.)

Soft – My Sweet boys heart

Parenthood – Photo a Day – Legos

My boys love Legos. I am not always a fan, especially when I step on them and they are ALL over the place. Oh and when I say my boys I mean ALL my boys, including my hubby. I married into Legos so they were in our home even before small ones.  I do love the creativity that comes from playing with them and the learning opportunities as well.

12. From a low angle One of C Boy’s creations.

From a low angle – Legos

Of course as soon as I started taking a photo of the Legos C Boy wanted to get even more creative and help me by setting up some shots. Then he decided he needed to help me edit them. Here is what we came up with.

Lego Fun 1

Super Lego Fun

22. From a high angle More Lego fun. As you can see those little pieces get everywhere…

From a high angle – Lego Play

Do you have Legos at your house?

Parenthood – March Photo a Day 23 & 30

Parenthood is such a funny thing. I find myself since I have had children focused on children’s things unintentionally. It’s like the word association game. Ask me a question or give me a word and somehow I’ll relate it back to my boys. Must have happened when they sucked my brain out of my head while I was pregnant with them. Yeah, that must be it.  All that to say how I came up with these photos.

23. Moon I have this book memorized cover to cover. I can recite it in the dark for that “one more story” moment or in the car to keep the natives calm. This little book has worn edges, teeth marks and a cracked spine. It has been and still is a loved book.

The moon that shines every night in our house.

30. Toy We have so many toys it is ridiculous. Really. We saved many after C Boy grew out of them “just in case” and Sweet P has enjoyed them. Now… I don’t know why we have them still. Yet, the one toy that remains and was in our household before kids… LEGOS. If you go to a LEGO store you’ll find a spot where you can make Lego guys. The boys decided to make a LEGO Mommy. Yeah, I kick bummy.

Lego Mommy

What is your favorite book and or toy from childhood.

Parenthood – March Photo a Day 14. Clouds & 15. Car

14. Clouds Arizona tends to be a clear sky kind of place. Of course as I type this we have a very large storm system about to blow through. 🙂 I took the boys out for a play date at a local park and had to search for clouds. By time we were about to leave a few popped up.

Clouds in AZ.

15. Car  I am married to a Wheeler. With wheel in ones name cars tend to be a big deal. With wheel in the name and being a boy it is a bigger deal. 🙂 Here is just a FEW of the cars that are at my house right now. Please take special note of the red Ferrari in the center…

Car - toys

What’s something your kids collect?

March Photo a Day 4-6

Here we go more catching up.

4. Bedside My bedside is a mess… I have everything over there, lip balm, books, toys, lamp, tissue… almost like a mini store. Silly…

Bedside of a busy mom.

5. A Smile These boys have the best smiles. They light up the room and make my heart happy.


6. 5PM It’s funny that after such amazing smiles the day before I got this look. 5PM is dinner time. You’d think that I gave him brussal sprouts and liver and not home made lasagna. Yes, if looks could kill.

5pm Dinner time "We're having what?"


January Photo a Day 10. Childhood

I didn’t even think anything but my children and their childhood on this challenge. It wasn’t until after looking at other people posting photos of THEIR childhood that I thought any other way. I, however, have no idea where any of my photos are right now in the mess that is called our garage….  So here is my children in the midst of there childhood. Love them so.

Tickle Time


Playing with Toys