April Photo a Day 25. Looking Down

While “looking down” I realized I need a pedicure. Luckily you can’t tell. Good thing I know a few products that can help. I just love the Detox foot creme from BeautiControl. I have it on my bedside table to make sure I put it on every night. Since sandal season is upon us it’s even more important. I like to do a treatment for my clients where you put the foot creme on, a plastic bag and then a heated footie. Oh it feels soo good and your feet are smooth afterward. It’s even better if you do a little foot scrub before hand. The crazy thing is if I put on my foot creme while my hubby is around next thing I know his feet are on my lap.

Looking down – my toes, need a pedicure.

What’s your favorite color to paint your toes?

Fashion – March Photo a Day 24 & 29

Yes, I am skipping around on the days. I wanted to post related themes together.

24. Animal  You’ve seen this animal print before if you read my review of the Karen Kane Fashion show. So fun and flirty. Love that there are pockets in the dress.

Animal - Print

29. Feet  I really wanted to do something different this day. I’ve take pictures of my boys feet and mine before so really wanted something new.  We happened to have been invited to a Birthday Party where socks where required. These feet are of some friends of ours. Mother and daughter wearing some fun, crazy, mismatched socks. They thought I was silly to take a pic of their feet. They are right.

Feet - Crazy Socks

What is something unique that you like to wear?

January Photo a Day 3. Something you adore

This was a little hard for me to choose today.  I adore people not things so much. So these feet are feet of people I adore. My “boys” all of them, hubby, C boy and Sweet P. Yeah choosing feet is kinda weird, I love tickling my (little) boys and nibbling on Sweet P’s toes. I adore the laughter. Hubbies feet are the ones that are always standing by me and yes, I adore that. I am a lucky woman.