BeautiControl “Celebration” Re-Cap

I was able to attend BeautiControl’s Annual Conference, “Celebration” just last week. I was feeling a little off as I was preparing for my trip.  This could have been partially from my broken toe, or the lack of sleep, or who knows what.  As I tried to pack my bags, focusing on shoes first, then outfit, I became more and more excited.  Remembering that each time I go I have a renewed sense of possibilities, some much needed girlfriend time and refocus of my goals.



I love to people watch and this is the time and place to do it. I wish I was a little more bold in connecting with people so I could get a few “street style” photos so you can experience it too.  The beauty of it is there are so many different kinds of women (and men) who are a part of BeautiControl. And their reasons for connecting with this company are just as varied.


Lots of great information and of course amazing stories of inspiration but in the end it takes a little perspiration. Doesn’t anything that is important take work. Luckily this work is fun. One of my favorite things they do for us is give us gifts… so I some of the new product to play with right away and I did… Lighted Lip Shine and the Microderm Apeel

Lip Shine, lighted lip gloss!

Lip Shine, lighted lip gloss!

Me, trying out the Microderm Apeel

Me, trying out the Microderm Apeel

Would you like to try these goodies? Just pop over to


Parenthood – Photo a Day – Kids

This month seems to be full of kid themed photos. I guess we just go with it. Here is day 4, 11, 16, 23, 25, 29.

4. Close-Up  Here is my Sweet P, up close and personal.

Close-Up of Sweet P

11. Door  This was the most interesting door I could come up with. This door is also one of the most popular in our house right now. There really is something tied to boys DNA that connect with truck, cars, engines and Ferrari’s, well in this house at least.

Door – Fire Truck

16. Out and About  This was a day that we were staying in. No out and about for us. Sweet P had decided at the time that he wanted to wear big boy pants and potty on the potty. He has at this point changed his mind. But this day this is what I was doing… the glamourous life of a mom.

No Out and About for this mom

23. Movement  There are very few places that have more movement than a kids birthday party. It was a fun filled Pirate Pool Party.

Movement – Pirate Pool Party

25. Something Cute  Of course I took a pic of my kid (and hubby). It was funny cause Sweet P and daddy were pretending to be asleep.

Something Cute – My boys

29. Soft  This handsome guy is so smart and strong, full of ideas and creations and all boy. Yet he has such a soft heart. He is well balanced between strong and soft. Love this kid so much. OH and by the way… this photo was taken right after he lost his first tooth. (Taken by daddy, edited by me.)

Soft – My Sweet boys heart

Family & Parenthood – May Photo a Day (7-10,12,15,20,21)

Striking a balance in my like has been a continuous challenge so here I am catching up.

7. Someone that inspires you  My boys. As much as they drive me of the deep end I truly look at them and want to be a better person & a better example.

Someone that inspires me – Sweet P and C boy.

8. A smell you adore  Really and truly only because the love of my life wears this and has  forever. I also like orange blossom and the way my boys smell right after a bath.

A Smell you adore…

9. Something you do everyday  Way to many to list. It was hard to narrow down… but these silly boys gave me the perfect inspiration. We might not get one in everyday but most days they get a bath.

Something you do every day – Bath time

10. A favorite word  Bedtime… need I say more. It was a rough week and bedtime is the sweet end to the day.

A favorite word – Bedtime

12. something that makes you happy  Yeah, like I said rough week… once again bedtime and laying my head on my pillow at the end of a long day.

something that makes you happy – sleep

15. Love  The snuggles of my wee boy. I wonder if he is trying to make up for the previous days… I just love when they need some snuggle from mom.

Love – snuggles from Sweet P

20. something you can’t live without  Ok so not something but someone. This man, my husband, best friend, love of my life.

Something you can’t live without – my man

Yes and these boys too. 🙂

21. where you stand  This is what Sweet P uses so he can reach. This day he “needs” to reach the blinds to make it dark in his room to play with the flashlight.

Where you stand – When you need to reach

April Photo a Day 1 & 2

Wow! April we are over a quarter of a way through the year.

1. Your Reflection The mirrors I have in my home are not conducive at this time to get a decent reflection. I would have to move to many things. I tell you the careful thoughtfulness that goes into creating a photo. This one is taken in our car “vanity” mirror. If you look closely you can see one of my boys.

Reflection - Car Vanity Mirror

2. Colour  First, I love the spelling of this photo. No, I didn’t spell it wrong it is just a different way to spell color. This is the color wheel I use when I meet with my clients to discuss what it means to wear their best colors. Do you know your best colors?

Colour - Wheel

If you’d like to learn more about your best colors pop over to my website look for the eBeauti icon at the top and take the quiz.


Review of Ms. Senior Arizona 2012 Pageant

I have been the official Image Consultant for the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant for the last 10 years.  I work with the ladies who would like help with wardrobe choices and with make up application techniques. It has been great fun and very inspiring. The contestants are judged in four areas: the interview with the judges, philosophy, gown and talent. They must also be 60 and above.

Day of the pageant I spend the entire day with them from dress rehearsal to end of the pageant. It is a long day for us all. I make sure they are zipped, buttoned, pinned, and made up. Oh, and I had to keep track of everyone to make sure they where back stage on time.

After 6 or so rehearsals and getting to meet about half in their homes I come to love these ladies. They are so inspiring and full of such knowledge. I love to hear each of their experiences and stories of life.

Here are some photos I was able to capture during the day of the pageant.

Group shot of the class of 2012

Getting ready!

Back Stage.

getting direction

The 2012 Queen

2010 Ms. Senior Arizona Court

Family – March Photo a Day 11. Someone you talked to today

Spending a few Sundays with hubby’s family each month is really special to us. There is pancakes or waffles, stories from the weeks, and lots of laughter. We were requested to make sure we made this particular Sunday as it would be the last we could spend with our niece before she moved to NYC. I am so proud of her. She is off on an adventure of a life time. She is super talented and creative and NY will just bring that out more. OH the possibilities. I know the family is sad we won’t get to see her as often and maybe even a little worried. (I know my boys will miss her they love her tons.) But I trust she will be just fine.  This photo is of her and mom and brother. I missed the “perfect” shot of her brother sticking his hand in her face. I do love this photo of the three of them.

Someone I talked to today... had to say goodbye.

March Photo a Day 4-6

Here we go more catching up.

4. Bedside My bedside is a mess… I have everything over there, lip balm, books, toys, lamp, tissue… almost like a mini store. Silly…

Bedside of a busy mom.

5. A Smile These boys have the best smiles. They light up the room and make my heart happy.


6. 5PM It’s funny that after such amazing smiles the day before I got this look. 5PM is dinner time. You’d think that I gave him brussal sprouts and liver and not home made lasagna. Yes, if looks could kill.

5pm Dinner time "We're having what?"