Outside – Photo a Day May (2,14, 22, 25, 31)

All these photos are inspired and taken outside in Arizona.

2. Skyline  This is my skyline I see everyday.

I thought I’d add this one which is the tree in the back yard.

14. Grass  The grass in my yard is dead… but I do have a few plants that aren’t dead yet… this is one of them. It is a garlic plant, it looks like grass and has a beautiful bloom. I still haven’t figured out if we have garlic somewhere.

Grass – Garlic plant

22. Pink  May 22 is our anniversary. This pretty pink flower was outside the restaurant we went to for our date.

Pink – Flowers

25. Unusual  I had a wonderful opportunity to have breakfast with the other moms from the kindergarten class C Boy attends. I found this fountain in the plaza near the restaurant.

Unusual – Fountain

31. Something Beautiful  I made a delivery to a client at her office. This is the front of the office. The fountain and surroundings are so beautiful. If the boys are with me they really love running around the fountain.

Something Beautiful – Fountain

What inspires you outside?

April Photo a Day 15. Sunset

There is nothing like an Arizona sunset. I have only been to a few other places that could rival the sunsets here. This photo is nice but really doesn’t do it justice.

15. Sunset  Arizona

Sunset - Arizona

Parenthood – March Photo a Day 14. Clouds & 15. Car

14. Clouds Arizona tends to be a clear sky kind of place. Of course as I type this we have a very large storm system about to blow through. 🙂 I took the boys out for a play date at a local park and had to search for clouds. By time we were about to leave a few popped up.

Clouds in AZ.

15. Car  I am married to a Wheeler. With wheel in ones name cars tend to be a big deal. With wheel in the name and being a boy it is a bigger deal. 🙂 Here is just a FEW of the cars that are at my house right now. Please take special note of the red Ferrari in the center…

Car - toys

What’s something your kids collect?