Fashion – May Photo a Day (3, 4, 6, 24, 30)

Fashion is a daily thing for me. Here are a few from the month from the “photo a day challenge” on instagram. If you’d like to “follow me” I’m thejackiestyle.

3. Something you wore today¬† I have a challenge getting my own photo of the outfits I wear. I have been trying different angles and what not. I don’t really have a great mirror to get the look I want and the from above angle doesn’t flatter me. Urg! So this is what I came up with this time. If you have any suggestions on how to get a better “outfit of the day” photo I’d love it. ūüôā

Something you wore today.

4. fun!  I was meting with an awesome friend I have known forever and we love fashion & make-up so we always end up talking about it when we are together.

Fun! – Coffee with a friend.

6. you  We were visiting the in-laws and I found a quiet spot to take this shot. Totally casual and wearing jean shorts and a new grey shiny shirt from the May Switch & Ditch.

You – Who me?

24. Something new  I found these beauties while doing a video blog at AZ Salvation Army (to be posted soon). They were $6.00! Kenneth Coles. I wear them almost everyday.

Something new – shoes!

30. Your Personality¬† This was a tough topic. I am easy to read but I couldn’t figure out how to make it come through in a photo. My C Boy had a Tea for all the moms who volunteered in the class. He told me, “Mom, you have to wear a hat, it is a tea.” So I grabbed one of my hats. I was the only mom in a hat. He was very excited. When I posted the photo on FB my friends said they saw joy. What do you think?

Your Personality – Joyful



Fashion & Sas – March Photo a Day 16 & 17

Not that you need to see another photo of me, but how can you truly see the fun in the next photo topic?

16. Sunglasses Yes, I am a bit on the sassy side. I wonder where my kiddos get it from. I bought these fun pink sunglasses in San Giminano, Italy at an open market. So fun. It is one of my favorite place to visit. The day I got these it was pouring rain.

Sunglasses - Pink & Sassy

17. Green Hmmm, I wonder why they picked green for March 17th. Funny topic. I was at the Ms. Senior Arizona rehearsal on the 17th and found this lovely lady with her beautiful Emerald Green Jewels on. Go figure she’s a redhead too. She’s on of the contestants, funny, poised, and lovely.

Green - Wearing her emeralds.

What accessory makes you feel sassy?