Outside – Photo a Day May (2,14, 22, 25, 31)

All these photos are inspired and taken outside in Arizona.

2. Skyline  This is my skyline I see everyday.

I thought I’d add this one which is the tree in the back yard.

14. Grass  The grass in my yard is dead… but I do have a few plants that aren’t dead yet… this is one of them. It is a garlic plant, it looks like grass and has a beautiful bloom. I still haven’t figured out if we have garlic somewhere.

Grass – Garlic plant

22. Pink  May 22 is our anniversary. This pretty pink flower was outside the restaurant we went to for our date.

Pink – Flowers

25. Unusual  I had a wonderful opportunity to have breakfast with the other moms from the kindergarten class C Boy attends. I found this fountain in the plaza near the restaurant.

Unusual – Fountain

31. Something Beautiful  I made a delivery to a client at her office. This is the front of the office. The fountain and surroundings are so beautiful. If the boys are with me they really love running around the fountain.

Something Beautiful – Fountain

What inspires you outside?


January Photo a Day 30. Nature

Aahhh, nature. I am really not that much of an outdoorsy kinda girl. There are certain aspects of nature I love… roses, the ocean, the breeze in the mountains. I live in the city. We have tried to make our home comfy, but we really are not so great at maintaining…  But here is a bit of nature around my home.

Floral Nature...

Here’s another one. More like what you’d find in the desert.

Aloa Vera - Desert Nature...