Parenthood – Photo a Day – Kids

This month seems to be full of kid themed photos. I guess we just go with it. Here is day 4, 11, 16, 23, 25, 29.

4. Close-Up  Here is my Sweet P, up close and personal.

Close-Up of Sweet P

11. Door  This was the most interesting door I could come up with. This door is also one of the most popular in our house right now. There really is something tied to boys DNA that connect with truck, cars, engines and Ferrari’s, well in this house at least.

Door – Fire Truck

16. Out and About  This was a day that we were staying in. No out and about for us. Sweet P had decided at the time that he wanted to wear big boy pants and potty on the potty. He has at this point changed his mind. But this day this is what I was doing… the glamourous life of a mom.

No Out and About for this mom

23. Movement  There are very few places that have more movement than a kids birthday party. It was a fun filled Pirate Pool Party.

Movement – Pirate Pool Party

25. Something Cute  Of course I took a pic of my kid (and hubby). It was funny cause Sweet P and daddy were pretending to be asleep.

Something Cute – My boys

29. Soft  This handsome guy is so smart and strong, full of ideas and creations and all boy. Yet he has such a soft heart. He is well balanced between strong and soft. Love this kid so much. OH and by the way… this photo was taken right after he lost his first tooth. (Taken by daddy, edited by me.)

Soft – My Sweet boys heart

Parenthood – Thoughts on Traditions

When I was a kid my mom had this thing she’d say to us before we left for school. ALL of our school years even into college when I still lived at home. My brother hated it and would try to leave before she’d get it out. But mom would just “yell” it down the street, which was worse for his “image”, so he’d stay until she was done. It isn’t long but says sooo much. I’m sure at some points during childhood I’d hope she’d stop or forget but really I found comfort in the consistency.

“Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Adventuresome. Adios, Farewell, tootle loo, I love you.”

She gave us permission everyday to be bold. Bold in our dreams, beliefs and actions. Helped us remember to be brave in all we do. And that is is OK to be adventuresome even when the world wants you to go with the flow. And most importantly we knew each day when we left the house out of her care into the care of others that she loved us. So you can imagine when I found this stationary I was thrilled. I wish I could have bought everyone they had.

Be Adventurous.

I have not lived at home for a long time. My hubby and I waited to have children so it had been awhile since I had thought of this little saying of my mom’s. When my oldest started preschool I started to say it. It felt funny coming out of my mouth. I have decided to change it just a little for my silly family. I want to pass this on to my kids. And Yes, I’ll likely yell it down the street if they leave before I get to say it. C Boy is in Kindergarden and I say to him before he jumps out of the car. He now says to me “Mom, aren’t you going to say IT?” I hope he remembers that when he’s 13. 🙂  Here is what I say: “Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Adventuresome. Au revoir. Caio. Tootle loo, I love you.”

What saying have you passed on to your children?