Parenthood – Photo a Day – Kids

This month seems to be full of kid themed photos. I guess we just go with it. Here is day 4, 11, 16, 23, 25, 29.

4. Close-Up  Here is my Sweet P, up close and personal.

Close-Up of Sweet P

11. Door  This was the most interesting door I could come up with. This door is also one of the most popular in our house right now. There really is something tied to boys DNA that connect with truck, cars, engines and Ferrari’s, well in this house at least.

Door – Fire Truck

16. Out and About  This was a day that we were staying in. No out and about for us. Sweet P had decided at the time that he wanted to wear big boy pants and potty on the potty. He has at this point changed his mind. But this day this is what I was doing… the glamourous life of a mom.

No Out and About for this mom

23. Movement  There are very few places that have more movement than a kids birthday party. It was a fun filled Pirate Pool Party.

Movement – Pirate Pool Party

25. Something Cute  Of course I took a pic of my kid (and hubby). It was funny cause Sweet P and daddy were pretending to be asleep.

Something Cute – My boys

29. Soft  This handsome guy is so smart and strong, full of ideas and creations and all boy. Yet he has such a soft heart. He is well balanced between strong and soft. Love this kid so much. OH and by the way… this photo was taken right after he lost his first tooth. (Taken by daddy, edited by me.)

Soft – My Sweet boys heart

Family – May Photo a Day 13 – Mum

I am already in trouble, I just know it. I am not suppose to post this photo of my mom and I as per request of my dad. So, if you are reading this and know my family please just keep it our little secret.

My “mum” is one of the most important people in my life. I have learned about my faith from her sitting on her lap and listening to stories about Jesus. And seeing her love for Him as an great example. She’s stood by me through thick and thin. Held me in my childhood and adulthood through deep grief. We have laughed ourselves to tear more times than I can even count.

13. Mum  Here is the women who gave me life. I love her so.

Love my mom!

I could not do a post on mums without mentioning my hubbies mom.  She has raised 5 kids (1 girl, 4 boys). My head spins just thinking about that. She did such a great job raising those kids. I am so blessed by the friendship we have. I am happy to call her mom.

Mum in law

These were taken Mother’s Day.

Family & Parenthood – May Photo a Day (7-10,12,15,20,21)

Striking a balance in my like has been a continuous challenge so here I am catching up.

7. Someone that inspires you  My boys. As much as they drive me of the deep end I truly look at them and want to be a better person & a better example.

Someone that inspires me – Sweet P and C boy.

8. A smell you adore  Really and truly only because the love of my life wears this and has  forever. I also like orange blossom and the way my boys smell right after a bath.

A Smell you adore…

9. Something you do everyday  Way to many to list. It was hard to narrow down… but these silly boys gave me the perfect inspiration. We might not get one in everyday but most days they get a bath.

Something you do every day – Bath time

10. A favorite word  Bedtime… need I say more. It was a rough week and bedtime is the sweet end to the day.

A favorite word – Bedtime

12. something that makes you happy  Yeah, like I said rough week… once again bedtime and laying my head on my pillow at the end of a long day.

something that makes you happy – sleep

15. Love  The snuggles of my wee boy. I wonder if he is trying to make up for the previous days… I just love when they need some snuggle from mom.

Love – snuggles from Sweet P

20. something you can’t live without  Ok so not something but someone. This man, my husband, best friend, love of my life.

Something you can’t live without – my man

Yes and these boys too. 🙂

21. where you stand  This is what Sweet P uses so he can reach. This day he “needs” to reach the blinds to make it dark in his room to play with the flashlight.

Where you stand – When you need to reach

Parenthood – Thoughts on Traditions

When I was a kid my mom had this thing she’d say to us before we left for school. ALL of our school years even into college when I still lived at home. My brother hated it and would try to leave before she’d get it out. But mom would just “yell” it down the street, which was worse for his “image”, so he’d stay until she was done. It isn’t long but says sooo much. I’m sure at some points during childhood I’d hope she’d stop or forget but really I found comfort in the consistency.

“Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Adventuresome. Adios, Farewell, tootle loo, I love you.”

She gave us permission everyday to be bold. Bold in our dreams, beliefs and actions. Helped us remember to be brave in all we do. And that is is OK to be adventuresome even when the world wants you to go with the flow. And most importantly we knew each day when we left the house out of her care into the care of others that she loved us. So you can imagine when I found this stationary I was thrilled. I wish I could have bought everyone they had.

Be Adventurous.

I have not lived at home for a long time. My hubby and I waited to have children so it had been awhile since I had thought of this little saying of my mom’s. When my oldest started preschool I started to say it. It felt funny coming out of my mouth. I have decided to change it just a little for my silly family. I want to pass this on to my kids. And Yes, I’ll likely yell it down the street if they leave before I get to say it. C Boy is in Kindergarden and I say to him before he jumps out of the car. He now says to me “Mom, aren’t you going to say IT?” I hope he remembers that when he’s 13. 🙂  Here is what I say: “Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Adventuresome. Au revoir. Caio. Tootle loo, I love you.”

What saying have you passed on to your children?

Family – February Photo a Day 21. A Fave Photo of You

This photo really speaks a lot. Sweet P was still wee and C boy was trying to figure out his place in life and the family. C boy was a little “mad” at mom for having to take care of Sweet P, but didn’t want to be left out. These boys steal my heart daily.

Fave Photo of me... and my boys.

Oh, and I must say this photo was inspired by one my husband did with them. His came out so good I wanted one of my own.

All My Boys


Food – Photo a Day 14. Heart

Valentine’s Day Meals… Loving on my boys

For some reason this year I decied to do something special for my family.  I was inspired by a pinterest photo that went viral on FB a while ago. So I made a day of hearts and food for the boys.

We started Valentine’s morning with heart shaped cinnamon rolls. Here is what they looked like before baking.  Just took the refrigerated rolls, unrolled part way and reshaped a bit. When C Boy realized what I was making he was just beside himself.

Here is what they looked like baked and iced. Big smiles all morning.


For lunch I made PB&J sandwiches, but… cookie cutter-ed a heart. No photo it disappeared to fast.

And for dinner I made heart shaped pizza. Here’s the process and how it turned out.

Shaping the dough. Again super easy… Betty Crocker dump and stir pizza dough.

Shaping the dough

Added the sauce… jar sauce.

Add the toppings (pepperoni & cheese)

Bake, cool, cut, eat…