January Photo a Day 4. Letterbox

When taking on a challenge like a photo a day the title can leave you open to interpretation.  I had several ideas for Letterbox but decided to go with the “traditional” thought on it.  This is our “letterbox” and yes sometime actual letters arrive in it. C boy is always asking if he’s gotten anything. He is especially looking for the Lego catalogs. Are you surprised. 🙂

I am one of those rare people who still enjoys sending snail mail. I send hand written thank you’s to my clients and cards to my nieces and nephews (they like C boy enjoy getting things in the mail).  Letter/card writing is a part building relationships and that is important to me. I have not been as good as I’d like to be these last few years. I think it’s time to make that change.  Now, I KNOW when you go to the mail box you are also hoping for something handwritten that is just for you. Come on admit it. If you want notes and cards, you gotta send some.  Hope you find something good in your “letterbox” soon.