Parenthood – Photo a Day – Kids

This month seems to be full of kid themed photos. I guess we just go with it. Here is day 4, 11, 16, 23, 25, 29.

4. Close-Up  Here is my Sweet P, up close and personal.

Close-Up of Sweet P

11. Door  This was the most interesting door I could come up with. This door is also one of the most popular in our house right now. There really is something tied to boys DNA that connect with truck, cars, engines and Ferrari’s, well in this house at least.

Door – Fire Truck

16. Out and About  This was a day that we were staying in. No out and about for us. Sweet P had decided at the time that he wanted to wear big boy pants and potty on the potty. He has at this point changed his mind. But this day this is what I was doing… the glamourous life of a mom.

No Out and About for this mom

23. Movement  There are very few places that have more movement than a kids birthday party. It was a fun filled Pirate Pool Party.

Movement – Pirate Pool Party

25. Something Cute  Of course I took a pic of my kid (and hubby). It was funny cause Sweet P and daddy were pretending to be asleep.

Something Cute – My boys

29. Soft  This handsome guy is so smart and strong, full of ideas and creations and all boy. Yet he has such a soft heart. He is well balanced between strong and soft. Love this kid so much. OH and by the way… this photo was taken right after he lost his first tooth. (Taken by daddy, edited by me.)

Soft – My Sweet boys heart

Photo a Day 13. Blue – Arizona Sky

This is the sky in Arizona day in and day out. Give or take a few clouds. Love my state

Blue - Arizona Sky

One of my favorite songs is “Blue Skies“… Enjoy.

Parenthood – February Photo a Day 11. Makes you Happy – My Silly Son

Here’s the back Story….  My sweet boy, while driving to school just the two of us proceeded to share with me that he is going to have is own rock band. It is going to be called “The Wheeler’s”, he is going to play guitar and sing and his daddy and brother are going to be in it too. I asked what he was going to wear for this rock band (always the fasionista). He said dark pants and a dark shirt with something on it. (I wondered but didn’t ask if he meant leather pants and a t-shirt) No idea where he got how a “rock start” is suppose to look.  He has two songs titled already… “Star Wars” and “God is Always With You”. My heart burst with love. He is just so funny and creative. Can really drive me crazy at times but truly just love him so.

Yesterday while looking for a couple things at Savers I decided to pop over to the boys sections to see if we could find him a few more pants as he just keeps growing. Yeah, I know it happens. 🙂  We stopped in the t-shirt section and he found this one and HAD to have it. After that amazing conversation with him just days earlier I couldn’t leave it behind. This morning he found daddy’s Guitar Hero guitar and posed like a “Rock Star” for me.

Rock Star

January Photo a Day 15. Happiness

I’d like to think of myself as a happy person. (There are “moments” that may say otherwise). When I think of happiness I truly think of my family. But more so, my sweet hubby. We have been married 12 1/2 years. I still fee like it was just yesterday… then I hear our little people.

This photo was taken this morning while he was driving. I caught him of guard.

My Love