Empty Shelf Challenge – March

I knew this challenge would be hard. I started with a bang and have been dragging the last month or so. BUT, I am still moving forward, inching maybe but moving forward. Here’s the latest I’ve finished.

The Blessed LIfe was a little harder for me to get through not because it’s a hard read but it worked on my heart along the way so I took my time in taking it all in.

The Blessed Life

And because I am a mom and read about 20-30 minutes each kid I will include all these Junie B. Jones books C boy and I have been reading since the new year. These books crack us up.

Junie B.  Jones

I’m looking forward to the next book I’ve decided to re-read. I think it will help me keep on task.

Progress – Empty Shelf Challenge

I am excited to share that I have been able to read a couple more books.

My big boy and I have been enjoying the Dragonbreath series and had finished every last one last year. For Christmas daddy found the most current book in the series. C boy wouldn’t let me put it on my empty shelf. He doesn’t think it counts, but I read every word. 🙂 If you have a 1st/2nd grade boy in your life I would bet they’d enjoy this series.

My son doesn't think this should count. But I read every page of it.

My son doesn’t think this should count. But I read every page of it.

This book was a Birthday gift from a sweet friend. On relationship marketing. I really enjoyed it and hope to implement some of the ideas soon. Another easy read in story form.


Birthday Gift

The book I am currently reading is really good and is challenging me to thinking about what it means to bless others. Not going as quickly as I find myself really thinking about what I am reading. That’s a good thing.

Have you gotten any further on your reading?

A New Year – Full of Hope & Promise

A year ago I decided to start blogging. It was a fun adventure with ups and downs and LOTS of learning curves. I am sorry I have been MIA lately. Some family and health things have kept me from taking the time to sit down and pour out my thoughts on fashion, food and family.  I hope you will forgive me.  I have a plan for the New Year and hope to have some balance in this area. I miss it and you.

Praying for a year full of hope, promise, blessings and health for you and yours.

Family – May Photo a Day 13 – Mum

I am already in trouble, I just know it. I am not suppose to post this photo of my mom and I as per request of my dad. So, if you are reading this and know my family please just keep it our little secret.

My “mum” is one of the most important people in my life. I have learned about my faith from her sitting on her lap and listening to stories about Jesus. And seeing her love for Him as an great example. She’s stood by me through thick and thin. Held me in my childhood and adulthood through deep grief. We have laughed ourselves to tear more times than I can even count.

13. Mum  Here is the women who gave me life. I love her so.

Love my mom!

I could not do a post on mums without mentioning my hubbies mom.  She has raised 5 kids (1 girl, 4 boys). My head spins just thinking about that. She did such a great job raising those kids. I am so blessed by the friendship we have. I am happy to call her mom.

Mum in law

These were taken Mother’s Day.

Faith – May Photo a Day (16, 29)

16. What you’re reading  Part of the “requirements” for my mastermind group has been for us to read a book of Proverbs before each time we meet. This is the one I was reading the week of the 16th. This is my favorite portion:

What you’re reading – Proverbs

29. A Number  One of the most important numbers… John 3:16. This number gives me my faith, hope and salvation. It is a number of promise.

A Number – 3:16

What is your favorite verse?

Faith – May Photo a Day 1. Peace

Happy Day! I have made it into the same month which the photos have been taken. Happy Dance.

1. Peace  When I really need to feel peace or I am seeking peace I head to my Bible and look for a quite moment.  With two little boys this is not always easy.  The angel was a gift from a friend. It is a book mark I keep it in my Bible.

Peace – From God.

Where do you find peace?

Faith – April Photo a Day – Something Your Grateful For

I am grateful for a great many things. On tough days I don’t always remember all of them. I do remember how grateful I am for my faith. That I get to practice my faith and beliefs safely. Talk about and display it openly. I would not be very far if I didn’t have my faith.

24. Something your Grateful for  My Faith. The Bible. Jesus.


What are you grateful for?

Faith – March Photo a Day – 20. Before & After

Today (March 20th) was Testimony Day at Mom’s on a Mission. I find it funny that the theme for today is Before & After. My dear friend Monica shared her story and it happens to be a before and after kind of story, a story of transformation. The whole morning was very emotional as the leadership team shared some before and after thoughts about what they were/are going through. Hearts really opened up and allowed for more sharing. The theme was Beautiful.

Here is one of the things the mom’s received as well as a mirror with “You are beautiful! Love God”

Before and After

I think I was really suppose to for the Istagram challenge post two photos as one, but I don’t know how to do that yet. 🙂

Here are more photos of the day.

Writing our promises

The mirrors were used so each mom could right God’s promise about her on it as she looks in the mirror. Example: I am beautiful for I am a child of God

Back drop w/ more mirrors

The Verse

Decor for the morning.

Cookie again with decor behind.

Faith – Dream Board

it has been a long time since I have been able to “finish” making a dream board.  With my busy boys running around and me being spent by the end of the day doing one at have has not been a priority.  I got the bug to do one in Dec. but just couldn’t seem to finaggle it.  I had a meeting with a friend of mine (An Occasion to Remember) right after the new year and I shared with her that I wanted to do a dream board. Turns out she did too. I met with a mutual friend of ours (Spirit Led Life Coach) to see if we could make this work for us and a few others.

I am a visual and tactile person so Dream or Vision Boards really speak to me. I have led my team through creating their own several times but it was so nice to have someone else lead me through this years.  I would greatly encourage you to create one yourself.

Here is how mine turned out this year… different from ones in the past.

Dream Board

Here’s what you need to do your own:

  1. Poster Board ( you choose the size)
  2. Magazines that vary in subject (ex fashion, business, travel, home)
  3. glue stick or something to adhere your pictures to the board
  4. scissors (fun or plane) I like fun.
  5. Most importantly, a somewhat clear vision of what you’d like to see in your future. The more specific the better. Somehow you will find pictures or words that will translate over for your board.

I like it best to do this process with friends. You can support one another and then when you share you can celebrate.

Before I begin I am prayerful about what I really need and want. My hope for you is that “He grant your heart;s desires and make all your plans succeed.” Psalm 20:4 (NLT)

Faith – February Photo a Day 2. Words

Words are a constant in my life, written and spoken. I read to my boys and to my self daily. And the spoken word is non stop at my home with these busy boys we have.  I have these words displayed in a prominent place in my home so I can remember them daily. It is one of the most famous verses from the Bible used at weddings. “Love is patient….” I was once taught to try and put my name in each time the word love was used… so… Jackie is patient, Jackie is kind…. and so on. Well, as much as I might try, that is just not soo all the time.  Now, put Jesus in place of love… it is completely interchangeable.

I made this plaque with some great friends at a mom’s group. It means so much to me.

Love is....