Parenthood – February Photo a Day 11. Makes you Happy – My Silly Son

Here’s the back Story….  My sweet boy, while driving to school just the two of us proceeded to share with me that he is going to have is own rock band. It is going to be called “The Wheeler’s”, he is going to play guitar and sing and his daddy and brother are going to be in it too. I asked what he was going to wear for this rock band (always the fasionista). He said dark pants and a dark shirt with something on it. (I wondered but didn’t ask if he meant leather pants and a t-shirt) No idea where he got how a “rock start” is suppose to look.  He has two songs titled already… “Star Wars” and “God is Always With You”. My heart burst with love. He is just so funny and creative. Can really drive me crazy at times but truly just love him so.

Yesterday while looking for a couple things at Savers I decided to pop over to the boys sections to see if we could find him a few more pants as he just keeps growing. Yeah, I know it happens. 🙂  We stopped in the t-shirt section and he found this one and HAD to have it. After that amazing conversation with him just days earlier I couldn’t leave it behind. This morning he found daddy’s Guitar Hero guitar and posed like a “Rock Star” for me.

Rock Star