Fashion – Sharing Word of Wisdom – Interview Style

I had the privilege to meet with a group of ladies working on getting their GEDs.  They were all there for various reasons that really don’t matter. What matters is that they were there. Talking about personal image and style is one of my great joys.  Another joy is helping women create there personal style.

This day I was invited to speak on Interview Attire. What to wear, what to avoid, and how to make the best of it.  Here are some ideas for what will work.  Investing in a suit that fits well is a great. Preferably a 3 piece (Jacket, Skirt and Pant) this way you will never doubt if they match, because they will.  And black is a safe bet or a subtle pinstripe. A comfortable black shoe with a bit of a heal is nice. Several blouses you can mix and match. If you like a print keep it subtle.  You want the interviewer to notice you not your blouse. On that note, be sure that your blouse is also modest in nature. Small to medium earrings (studs but no dangle) will add to the look. You want to keep your accessories to 5 tops and each earring counts as one.

Wearing make up is important. Balance is the key over all, not to much not to little. Even if all your comfortable with is a tinted moisturizer, eye liner, mascara, blush and gloss put it on for that interview.  Meet with someone if you need tips on application and color choice.

Keep these personal hygiene items in mind as well.  Have clean fresh breath. If you smoke refrain from doing so before the interview. Carry toothbrush and paste with you and “febreeze”.  Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed and shoes clean.  Keep perfume to a minimum, infact it is best not to wear any.

Breath deeply before going in. Hold you head high, shoulders up, back, down… when you shake hands try to make sure you are palm to palm and look them in the eyes.

Good luck!