Parenthood – April Photo a Day

Sweet P has been really into drawing, coloring and creating. It was fun to create this little picture with him.  He saw me drawing and had to get in on it too. He helped pick the colors and did some beautiful swirls of color.

20. Something you drew – Happy Day…

Something you drew - Happy Day!

Do you create with your kiddos?

Me – March Photo a Day 26 & 27 & 31

Lumping these three together as I feel they represent me. Yes, all my photos represent me in some way… but these more so than some of the others.

26. Key  I had several ideas for this one so if it come back I think I am going to use them. This time I just went for the “classic” idea of key. These are my keys. They unlock all the places I need to go and am responsible for. The key ring was from my company as a gift for doing well. Yeah, just for doing my “job” I got a gift. Cool huh. I like it and there’s no denying that is my key ring.

Key - lots of responsibility .

27. Your Name  My given name and legal name is much longer than what this name tag says. But if you want me to answer you it is but to just call me Jackie. 🙂 “Your Name” for me right now also represents what I have named my business. I have used JackieStyle for 20 years but just officially named it last year. It is who I am. What do I do? I style you and assist you with your outward appearance. Although I have been know to talk about the inside as well.  What kind of style do I have? JACKIESTYLE.

Your Name - Tag

ps. My good friends over at Andrade Promotions made the name tag and Visage Creative help me develop the logo.

31. Where you Relax  When I really want to take some time out of the craziness I plop myself over to this spot. I can hide for a little bit in this little corner of my room. I’ll read, study and or journal there. This is often where I set my goals. I love the print on the chair, angels.

Where you Relax - read, study, journal

What is most YOU?