Empty Shelf Challenge – March

I knew this challenge would be hard. I started with a bang and have been dragging the last month or so. BUT, I am still moving forward, inching maybe but moving forward. Here’s the latest I’ve finished.

The Blessed LIfe was a little harder for me to get through not because it’s a hard read but it worked on my heart along the way so I took my time in taking it all in.

The Blessed Life

And because I am a mom and read about 20-30 minutes each kid I will include all these Junie B. Jones books C boy and I have been reading since the new year. These books crack us up.

Junie B.  Jones

I’m looking forward to the next book I’ve decided to re-read. I think it will help me keep on task.


Progress – Empty Shelf Challenge

I am excited to share that I have been able to read a couple more books.

My big boy and I have been enjoying the Dragonbreath series and had finished every last one last year. For Christmas daddy found the most current book in the series. C boy wouldn’t let me put it on my empty shelf. He doesn’t think it counts, but I read every word. 🙂 If you have a 1st/2nd grade boy in your life I would bet they’d enjoy this series.

My son doesn't think this should count. But I read every page of it.

My son doesn’t think this should count. But I read every page of it.

This book was a Birthday gift from a sweet friend. On relationship marketing. I really enjoyed it and hope to implement some of the ideas soon. Another easy read in story form.


Birthday Gift

The book I am currently reading is really good and is challenging me to thinking about what it means to bless others. Not going as quickly as I find myself really thinking about what I am reading. That’s a good thing.

Have you gotten any further on your reading?

Parenthood – March Photo a Day 23 & 30

Parenthood is such a funny thing. I find myself since I have had children focused on children’s things unintentionally. It’s like the word association game. Ask me a question or give me a word and somehow I’ll relate it back to my boys. Must have happened when they sucked my brain out of my head while I was pregnant with them. Yeah, that must be it.  All that to say how I came up with these photos.

23. Moon I have this book memorized cover to cover. I can recite it in the dark for that “one more story” moment or in the car to keep the natives calm. This little book has worn edges, teeth marks and a cracked spine. It has been and still is a loved book.

The moon that shines every night in our house.

30. Toy We have so many toys it is ridiculous. Really. We saved many after C Boy grew out of them “just in case” and Sweet P has enjoyed them. Now… I don’t know why we have them still. Yet, the one toy that remains and was in our household before kids… LEGOS. If you go to a LEGO store you’ll find a spot where you can make Lego guys. The boys decided to make a LEGO Mommy. Yeah, I kick bummy.

Lego Mommy

What is your favorite book and or toy from childhood.