Just a lot of Me – Photo a day April – Catching up

Busy month for me, how about you? So let’s do some catching up. I am still very much enjoying the photo a day challenge. I hope you are too. Here we go.

8. Inside your wallet  I always dread doing photos of inside things… wallet, cabinet, sink… etc. but here you go.

Inside your wallet

9. Younger You  Yes, this is me. I see a little of me in my boys. 🙂

Me, a younger me.

10. Cold  This was a water dispenser at an event I did. I like the design.

Cold - Ice

I am going to post about the event later.

11. Where you ate breakfast  This is where I meet with some fantastic women for networking. They make a pretty dang good breakfast. Try the biscuits.

Breakfast - Black Bear

Food – March Photo a Day 22 & 25

Have you ever just had so much on your plate that you’ve had to step back for a bit, even from something you enjoy? I have still been taking the photo a day challenge but needed to get some other things taken care of before I jumped back into this part of my silly blog. I am still in catch up mode. I may be from here on out. Who knows. 🙂

22. Kitchen Sink I really really did not want to photograph my kitchen sink. Most of the time there is something in it, like, oh, dishes. Even after I get all the dishes washed not five minutes later there is more. UGH! Here you have my sink with Pasta in a colander. One of my boys favorite meals AND one of the messiest.

Sink - with pasta

25. Breakfast Yes, we have the breakfast of champions at my house. The boys have really been in to crunch berry cereal or waffles with juice or milk. Of course they have to be on colorful plates, bowls and cups.

Breakfast of Champions

What is your kids favorite meals?

Parenthood – March Photo a Day – 10 & 12 & 13

I am skipping around a bit today as all these photo are related to my children. AND I want to do a separate post about day eleven.  Crazy how many things I can relate to my children. I try not to do to many so I can have some diversity but there they are and all the things related to them. 🙂

10. LOUD The little guy is loud on sooo many levels. He is still learning what an inside voice is. But he has always been loud, even as an infant. I think I may have even lost a bit of hearing in my left ear from this kiddo. But my favorite time when he is loud is when he is belly laughing. So here you have it a LOUD belly laugh photo. Maybe I’ll do a video sometime just so you can hear it. You’ll end up laughing right with him

LOUD - Laughter

12. Fork This set was a gift to my big boy. It is a great boy gift. I am sure some girls would like it to but I know my boys really enjoy it. I like the play on words. “Fork – LIft”

"Fork" LIft

13. A Sign il bambino dorme – We found this sign before our first baby was born. My hubby is part Italian and it just fit for us. It was nice to use if we had guest over to remind them that a baby was sleeping behind that door. I have even used it on the outside door. We rarely use it anymore as we no longer have babies.  We have big boys.

Sign - Baby is sleeping.

What do you enjoy as a parent?

Thoughts on Leadership

I went to a conference for BeautiControl this month. I go to keep up on what’s happening and to get and keep motivated. Being in business for yourself is not always easy. So being in the presence of other women that have made the same decision and are all leaders is so refreshing and positive.

One of the speakers talked about the “local economy”. Doing business with those in your community and keeping as much money locally. This really spoke to me. I want to change the local economy for the better. I guess I need to get a move on. I love that BeautiControl is a Made in the USA product. So even though I have to purchase them from TX it still stays in the US.

Growing personally is important. How am I improving my self and the lives of those around me? I have heard from so many sources that we are leaders, yes, you and I. We influence out families and friends and if we are “lucky” enough others.  This is an important job. We were given the 8 Keys to personal developemenet and achievement. I have decided to take each of the keys for the next 8 months and focus on one. Looking forward to see how that goes.

The Theme

My roomies and some of the best ladies I know.

Here is the rest of my experience via photos.

Lunch provided... YUM!

Hanging with 1300 of my closest friends. 🙂

Lots and lots of notes...

We got goodies!

Inside the gift - New Products.

Dressing for Awards night.

The WHO Foundation did a new event – Zumba! I was so excited, even if I did have to get up early.


Me in front of the promo screen.

What inspires you?

Fashion – Skin Care – Makeup – February Photo a Day 22, 23, 24, and 25.

Yes, I am lumping several days into one post, again. Finding my rhythm to write my posts have been difficult for me. I, as many moms do, have a lot on my plate. Not an excuse, just the truth.

Day 22. Where you Work  My motto has been “Have car will travel” when it come to my business.  My work is done at your kitchen table across from you, in your clothing closet, at the your store of choice, or at the event of your choice.  I am independent so I go where I am needed/wanted. This photo is specifically of my BeautiControl Bag and all the goodies inside… BC Skin Spa Facial line, all the “face lift” products, of course a full army of cosmetics.

Across the Kitchen Table from you.

Day 23. Your Shoes  Remember when I shared a good friend of mine gave me some shoes?  Here is another pair. They were surprisingly comfortable and of course super chic.

My Chic Green Shoes.

Day 24. Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet  I was sooo dreading this one. But I guess we have a lot of the same things everyone else has.

Bathroom Cabinet

Here is my favorite part of the bathroom cabinet. My skin care.  Yes, I know that I have some bias, but I truly would not be using it if I didn’t love it and see results. (BeautiControl’s BC Spa Facial Regime)  And, there is a NEW item in there that I am sooo enjoying, TFF (Tight Firm and Fill) Extreme (silver bottle). This stuff totally rocks.

Inside my Bathroom Cabinet - close up.

Day 25. Green This is a necklace my grandmother gave me while she was still alive. She wore it when she was “young”. I don’t wear a lot of green but when I do I pull this necklace out.  In fact I wore them the day I wore the chic green shoes from above. I don’t have a lot from her so this is really special to me.

Green - Necklace


Food – Guest Drool: Acqua Al 2

I was able to share my dining experience at Acqua Al 2 with Collaborative.Drool and their fans. It is a place I HIGHLY recommend! When you visit Florence, Italy, Washington, DC, or San Diego, CA. See if you can get reservations and visit.

Since I have only just gotten into blogging it is kinda fun to see others take interest in what I have to say both here on this blog and being asked to guest blog.  I’ll back posting for Collaborative.Drool and another blog. I’ll share when I finish my guest post for them. What an exciting time.

Guest Drool: Acqua Al 2 « collaborative.drool.