Promoting my Business – Wine Women and Wings to Soar event

I was given a great opportunity to showcase my Image Consulting Business at the Wine Women and Wings to Soar event held at the ASU Polytechnic Campus. The sponsors National Bank of Arizona did a lovely job of pulling all the details together, food, beverages, door prizes and special gifts for each person in attendance. We also had the privilege to listen to a panel of inspirational women sharing their experience in the world of technology.

I was able to meet some fantastic ladies and share my business with them, JackieStyle. Help women look and feel their best through image services including skin care, make up application, color analysis, body typing, fashion personality, closet makeovers, personal shopping, wardrobing, workshops and more.

I had a little challenge trying to put together what I felt was the “right” display. You’ll have to let me know if what I put together did that justice.

Display - JackieStyle

Display (2) - JackieStyle

If you’d like to know more, let me know.

April Photo a Day 5-7

I have had really good eye site for as long as I can remember. So you can image how not being able to read the color names on my lip colors can be frustrating…

5. Tiny  Names on the bottom of my BeautiControl Lip Color – Fire & Ice

Tiny Words - Fire & Ice

6. Lunch I didn’t have anything fun or exciting for lunch so I thought it would be funny to take a photo of hubby’s lunch. I lovingly pack his lunch for him before he heads off to work. It saves us so much money and it’s healthier for him too. Plus leftovers get eaten, everyone is happy.

Lunch - to go

7. Shadow I thought is was funny that on Easter Day the topic was Shadow… Not egg? bunny? CHOCOLATE?? Nope, Shadow. This was taken while the boys where hunting for EGGS, eating CHOCOLATE, talking about BUNNY’s

Shadow on Easter.

Have you noticed a change in your eyes?

Do you pack a lunch?

Me – March Photo a Day 26 & 27 & 31

Lumping these three together as I feel they represent me. Yes, all my photos represent me in some way… but these more so than some of the others.

26. Key  I had several ideas for this one so if it come back I think I am going to use them. This time I just went for the “classic” idea of key. These are my keys. They unlock all the places I need to go and am responsible for. The key ring was from my company as a gift for doing well. Yeah, just for doing my “job” I got a gift. Cool huh. I like it and there’s no denying that is my key ring.

Key - lots of responsibility .

27. Your Name  My given name and legal name is much longer than what this name tag says. But if you want me to answer you it is but to just call me Jackie. 🙂 “Your Name” for me right now also represents what I have named my business. I have used JackieStyle for 20 years but just officially named it last year. It is who I am. What do I do? I style you and assist you with your outward appearance. Although I have been know to talk about the inside as well.  What kind of style do I have? JACKIESTYLE.

Your Name - Tag

ps. My good friends over at Andrade Promotions made the name tag and Visage Creative help me develop the logo.

31. Where you Relax  When I really want to take some time out of the craziness I plop myself over to this spot. I can hide for a little bit in this little corner of my room. I’ll read, study and or journal there. This is often where I set my goals. I love the print on the chair, angels.

Where you Relax - read, study, journal

What is most YOU?

Review of Ms. Senior Arizona 2012 Pageant

I have been the official Image Consultant for the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant for the last 10 years.  I work with the ladies who would like help with wardrobe choices and with make up application techniques. It has been great fun and very inspiring. The contestants are judged in four areas: the interview with the judges, philosophy, gown and talent. They must also be 60 and above.

Day of the pageant I spend the entire day with them from dress rehearsal to end of the pageant. It is a long day for us all. I make sure they are zipped, buttoned, pinned, and made up. Oh, and I had to keep track of everyone to make sure they where back stage on time.

After 6 or so rehearsals and getting to meet about half in their homes I come to love these ladies. They are so inspiring and full of such knowledge. I love to hear each of their experiences and stories of life.

Here are some photos I was able to capture during the day of the pageant.

Group shot of the class of 2012

Getting ready!

Back Stage.

getting direction

The 2012 Queen

2010 Ms. Senior Arizona Court

Fashion & Make Up March Photo a day 7-9

Here I go to continue the photo a day (catch up).

7. Something you wore  I chose this outfit for the March 7th as I was invited to speak for a women’s group EVFN. They tend to be older and I wanted to have a conservative look. So I wore a great wide leg grey trouser (you can see from a previous post), a button down navy pinstripe shirt and these FAB tweed heels. I was well received by the ladies, so I guess I did good.

Something I wore.

8. Window By the end of the day my creative juices were done and the boys were in bed so I only had a few window options open.  This is in my bedroom… I hung my dream board off the sheers so I could look at it every day.

Window - Bedroom

9. Red LIp colour… This is one of my favorite lip colors right now. Cherry Blossom and it is of course from BeautiControl. It is a lip stick, stain and gloss all in one called an “Intense Lip Creme”. I have to use a mirror to apply, most other kinds I don’t have to.

RED - Intense Lip Creme - BeautiControl

If you’d like to know more about the lip creme let me know. 🙂

Thoughts on Leadership

I went to a conference for BeautiControl this month. I go to keep up on what’s happening and to get and keep motivated. Being in business for yourself is not always easy. So being in the presence of other women that have made the same decision and are all leaders is so refreshing and positive.

One of the speakers talked about the “local economy”. Doing business with those in your community and keeping as much money locally. This really spoke to me. I want to change the local economy for the better. I guess I need to get a move on. I love that BeautiControl is a Made in the USA product. So even though I have to purchase them from TX it still stays in the US.

Growing personally is important. How am I improving my self and the lives of those around me? I have heard from so many sources that we are leaders, yes, you and I. We influence out families and friends and if we are “lucky” enough others.  This is an important job. We were given the 8 Keys to personal developemenet and achievement. I have decided to take each of the keys for the next 8 months and focus on one. Looking forward to see how that goes.

The Theme

My roomies and some of the best ladies I know.

Here is the rest of my experience via photos.

Lunch provided... YUM!

Hanging with 1300 of my closest friends. 🙂

Lots and lots of notes...

We got goodies!

Inside the gift - New Products.

Dressing for Awards night.

The WHO Foundation did a new event – Zumba! I was so excited, even if I did have to get up early.


Me in front of the promo screen.

What inspires you?

Fashion – Skin Care – Makeup – February Photo a Day 22, 23, 24, and 25.

Yes, I am lumping several days into one post, again. Finding my rhythm to write my posts have been difficult for me. I, as many moms do, have a lot on my plate. Not an excuse, just the truth.

Day 22. Where you Work  My motto has been “Have car will travel” when it come to my business.  My work is done at your kitchen table across from you, in your clothing closet, at the your store of choice, or at the event of your choice.  I am independent so I go where I am needed/wanted. This photo is specifically of my BeautiControl Bag and all the goodies inside… BC Skin Spa Facial line, all the “face lift” products, of course a full army of cosmetics.

Across the Kitchen Table from you.

Day 23. Your Shoes  Remember when I shared a good friend of mine gave me some shoes?  Here is another pair. They were surprisingly comfortable and of course super chic.

My Chic Green Shoes.

Day 24. Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet  I was sooo dreading this one. But I guess we have a lot of the same things everyone else has.

Bathroom Cabinet

Here is my favorite part of the bathroom cabinet. My skin care.  Yes, I know that I have some bias, but I truly would not be using it if I didn’t love it and see results. (BeautiControl’s BC Spa Facial Regime)  And, there is a NEW item in there that I am sooo enjoying, TFF (Tight Firm and Fill) Extreme (silver bottle). This stuff totally rocks.

Inside my Bathroom Cabinet - close up.

Day 25. Green This is a necklace my grandmother gave me while she was still alive. She wore it when she was “young”. I don’t wear a lot of green but when I do I pull this necklace out.  In fact I wore them the day I wore the chic green shoes from above. I don’t have a lot from her so this is really special to me.

Green - Necklace