Fashion & Me – Photo a Day June

Here’s some fashion goings on from the month of June.

6. Hat  I have an amazing hat collection. I collect hats. I have over 50. Several are vintage from the early 1900’s. One is vintage from Paris. (Brought that one home from honeymoon) I use to wear them all the time, but, with two small people in my life they have made it a little harder for me to feel comfortable in wearing them right now. Maybe after my youngest gets older, in school, I’ll start again.


15. Yellow  I wore these fabulous yellow snake skin heels with a fantastic Karen Kane LBD. I would show you the whole outfit but I am still feeling challenged with my self photos of what I am wearing. I just need to have my hubby take them.  I do have to laugh as when I originally posted this pick several people thought it was a real snake. Silly friends.

Yellow – Accessories (Shoes)

18. Something we don’t know about you.   I played the violin from the 4th grade on through high school. I even made it to the Mesa Youth Orchestra. I have’t picked it up in years. I still have it and am inspired when I hear violins being played.

Something you don’t know about me – I played the violin.

19. Imperfect me…

Imperfect – Me

24. On your mind  Having had a migraine, so on my mind is making it go away. I have a feeling my previous photo is one of me having a migraine too. I wish they would just go away! I pulled out my BeautiControl goodies: spa neck wrap, Luxeries of the Sea cooling gel, Spa Detox Mist, Spa Nourishing Eye pads. Aaaahhhh….

On my mind – spa remedy for my head.

26. Where you shop  I shop lots of different places when I have time. “Tar jay” seems to be our go to these days. I think we need to invest in stock in them. 🙂

Where you shop – Target

Do you wear hats? Where do you shop?

Fashion – January Switch & Ditch Event

I have a brain full of ideas.  Some I am able to execute and some, not so much. It’s exciting to make something work like Switch & Ditch. JackieStyle Image Consulting sponsors this event at least twice a year with a couple other amazing women. (More often if enough clients request it.)

In a nut shell. Clients bring 10 or more items they would like to ditch and switch them with other items that have been ditched. There’s a little more to it but I think you’ve got the gist. It is a great way to get those unwanted items out of the closet so someone else can use them. Plus, at the end of the event all the pieces left are donated.  WIN- WIN- WIN. So important.

Here is how it went this time…

Always serve goodies. These are sooo good.

JackieStyle Cupcakes

Getting set up. Many guest came at the same time so lots to get on the racks.

Hosting with these fantastic ladies.

Jennie wearing the cardigan she found at Switch & Ditch

Angela - Checking things out.

Filling the racks.

Accessories… before the handbags arrived.

The FABULOUS guests!

As I see these ladies wear their finds I will do an update on this post.