Bold Ideas

Bold Ideas

Oasis shift dress
$83 –

Special occasion dress
$33 –

21 Men chino pants

Fancy pants

Blue shoes

Converse shoes

Accessorize flat shoes

Hackett Honeycomb Pique Jacket
$540 –

Beams Plus Button Down Indigo Check Shirt
$225 –

Blue Plain Tie
$8.33 –

March Photo a Day 28

March will be finished up with this post. I can’t believe how fast the year has gone.

28. Trash  Who wants to take a picture of trash? What an odd one. I took several photos and was just not happy with them. How do you make trash look good? Yuck. Then we popped into a Target and I found these trash cans. I’m impressed that they made trash look… OK.

Trash - Where it goes.

So there we go. The last of March photos. April photos and some other thought to come.

Thoughts on Leadership

I went to a conference for BeautiControl this month. I go to keep up on what’s happening and to get and keep motivated. Being in business for yourself is not always easy. So being in the presence of other women that have made the same decision and are all leaders is so refreshing and positive.

One of the speakers talked about the “local economy”. Doing business with those in your community and keeping as much money locally. This really spoke to me. I want to change the local economy for the better. I guess I need to get a move on. I love that BeautiControl is a Made in the USA product. So even though I have to purchase them from TX it still stays in the US.

Growing personally is important. How am I improving my self and the lives of those around me? I have heard from so many sources that we are leaders, yes, you and I. We influence out families and friends and if we are “lucky” enough others.  This is an important job. We were given the 8 Keys to personal developemenet and achievement. I have decided to take each of the keys for the next 8 months and focus on one. Looking forward to see how that goes.

The Theme

My roomies and some of the best ladies I know.

Here is the rest of my experience via photos.

Lunch provided... YUM!

Hanging with 1300 of my closest friends. 🙂

Lots and lots of notes...

We got goodies!

Inside the gift - New Products.

Dressing for Awards night.

The WHO Foundation did a new event – Zumba! I was so excited, even if I did have to get up early.


Me in front of the promo screen.

What inspires you?

Quick Kitchen Tip

This is such a great idea! I love quick easy things like this. After freezing I would pop them in to a zip lock & pull out as needed

How often do you use a whole can of tomato paste? Me neither.

If you scoop the rest out onto wax paper in 1 tablespoon increments, you can freeze them and have them on hand for your next recipe. You don’t even have to defrost- it will cook down faster than you could find your can opener.

Hope it’s a beautiful Monday for you!

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