March Photo a Day 28

March will be finished up with this post. I can’t believe how fast the year has gone.

28. Trash  Who wants to take a picture of trash? What an odd one. I took several photos and was just not happy with them. How do you make trash look good? Yuck. Then we popped into a Target and I found these trash cans. I’m impressed that they made trash look… OK.

Trash - Where it goes.

So there we go. The last of March photos. April photos and some other thought to come.


Fashion – March Photo a Day 24 & 29

Yes, I am skipping around on the days. I wanted to post related themes together.

24. Animal  You’ve seen this animal print before if you read my review of the Karen Kane Fashion show. So fun and flirty. Love that there are pockets in the dress.

Animal - Print

29. Feet  I really wanted to do something different this day. I’ve take pictures of my boys feet and mine before so really wanted something new.  We happened to have been invited to a Birthday Party where socks where required. These feet are of some friends of ours. Mother and daughter wearing some fun, crazy, mismatched socks. They thought I was silly to take a pic of their feet. They are right.

Feet - Crazy Socks

What is something unique that you like to wear?

Me – March Photo a Day 26 & 27 & 31

Lumping these three together as I feel they represent me. Yes, all my photos represent me in some way… but these more so than some of the others.

26. Key  I had several ideas for this one so if it come back I think I am going to use them. This time I just went for the “classic” idea of key. These are my keys. They unlock all the places I need to go and am responsible for. The key ring was from my company as a gift for doing well. Yeah, just for doing my “job” I got a gift. Cool huh. I like it and there’s no denying that is my key ring.

Key - lots of responsibility .

27. Your Name  My given name and legal name is much longer than what this name tag says. But if you want me to answer you it is but to just call me Jackie. 🙂 “Your Name” for me right now also represents what I have named my business. I have used JackieStyle for 20 years but just officially named it last year. It is who I am. What do I do? I style you and assist you with your outward appearance. Although I have been know to talk about the inside as well.  What kind of style do I have? JACKIESTYLE.

Your Name - Tag

ps. My good friends over at Andrade Promotions made the name tag and Visage Creative help me develop the logo.

31. Where you Relax  When I really want to take some time out of the craziness I plop myself over to this spot. I can hide for a little bit in this little corner of my room. I’ll read, study and or journal there. This is often where I set my goals. I love the print on the chair, angels.

Where you Relax - read, study, journal

What is most YOU?

Parenthood – March Photo a Day 23 & 30

Parenthood is such a funny thing. I find myself since I have had children focused on children’s things unintentionally. It’s like the word association game. Ask me a question or give me a word and somehow I’ll relate it back to my boys. Must have happened when they sucked my brain out of my head while I was pregnant with them. Yeah, that must be it.  All that to say how I came up with these photos.

23. Moon I have this book memorized cover to cover. I can recite it in the dark for that “one more story” moment or in the car to keep the natives calm. This little book has worn edges, teeth marks and a cracked spine. It has been and still is a loved book.

The moon that shines every night in our house.

30. Toy We have so many toys it is ridiculous. Really. We saved many after C Boy grew out of them “just in case” and Sweet P has enjoyed them. Now… I don’t know why we have them still. Yet, the one toy that remains and was in our household before kids… LEGOS. If you go to a LEGO store you’ll find a spot where you can make Lego guys. The boys decided to make a LEGO Mommy. Yeah, I kick bummy.

Lego Mommy

What is your favorite book and or toy from childhood.

Food – March Photo a Day 22 & 25

Have you ever just had so much on your plate that you’ve had to step back for a bit, even from something you enjoy? I have still been taking the photo a day challenge but needed to get some other things taken care of before I jumped back into this part of my silly blog. I am still in catch up mode. I may be from here on out. Who knows. 🙂

22. Kitchen Sink I really really did not want to photograph my kitchen sink. Most of the time there is something in it, like, oh, dishes. Even after I get all the dishes washed not five minutes later there is more. UGH! Here you have my sink with Pasta in a colander. One of my boys favorite meals AND one of the messiest.

Sink - with pasta

25. Breakfast Yes, we have the breakfast of champions at my house. The boys have really been in to crunch berry cereal or waffles with juice or milk. Of course they have to be on colorful plates, bowls and cups.

Breakfast of Champions

What is your kids favorite meals?

Faith – March Photo a Day – 20. Before & After

Today (March 20th) was Testimony Day at Mom’s on a Mission. I find it funny that the theme for today is Before & After. My dear friend Monica shared her story and it happens to be a before and after kind of story, a story of transformation. The whole morning was very emotional as the leadership team shared some before and after thoughts about what they were/are going through. Hearts really opened up and allowed for more sharing. The theme was Beautiful.

Here is one of the things the mom’s received as well as a mirror with “You are beautiful! Love God”

Before and After

I think I was really suppose to for the Istagram challenge post two photos as one, but I don’t know how to do that yet. 🙂

Here are more photos of the day.

Writing our promises

The mirrors were used so each mom could right God’s promise about her on it as she looks in the mirror. Example: I am beautiful for I am a child of God

Back drop w/ more mirrors

The Verse

Decor for the morning.

Cookie again with decor behind.

March Photo a Day 18 & 19

This little (18. A Corner of Your Home) is in my sons room. Sweet P loves to “make pizza” and “fix” the oven. He is also a book lover. He will grab a book at any time and plop in my lap and say, “read, pease”.

A corner of your home

19. Funny This is just a photo shot of my phone. The weather decided to be “funny” this week, a thirty degree difference in just a week. Spring in AZ.

Funny Spring Weather in AZ