Faith – January Photo a Day 14. Something You’re Reading

I am reading several things at once as most moms do… something about child rearing, a leadership or business book (or self improvement), several magazines… but the one that has all of that in one place is my Bible.

Pages of Wisdom


January Photo a Day 13. In Your Bag

When this day come up I got lucky in that I a few days earlier I changed bags. Otherwise there would be all kinds of “stuff” in this photo.

What's in the bag?

Glasses, keys, BC samples, BC hand creme, Lip color, wallet, check book, cards.  Missing; hand full of receipts, snacks, one million pens, change.

January Photo a Day 12. Close Up

I initially thought I wanted to do a close up of me but decided that was a bit narcissistic. ­čÖé ┬áThen I tried to do our wedding rings (hubby & mine). Really didn’t work out like I wanted. So I found something I love and got a close up of that.

Rose Pin

Here is another close up I took the other day. I just love this pattern. Can you guess what it is?

Lovely Pattern


January Photo a Day 10. Childhood

I didn’t even think anything but my children and their childhood on this challenge. It wasn’t until after looking at other people posting photos of THEIR childhood that I thought any other way. I, however, have no idea where any of my photos are right now in the mess that is called our garage…. ┬áSo here is my children in the midst of there childhood. Love them so.

Tickle Time


Playing with Toys