Fashion – January Photo a Day 22. Your Shoes

These shoes are from Switch & Ditch. I am looking forward to wearing them when the weather gets warmer. I love a kitten heel. Just enough to give some height but not so much that I can’t run after my boys. The bag is also from Switch & Ditch. Soo fun finding great pieces.

Shoes & Bag from Switch & Ditch


January Photo a Day – 21. Reflection

It’s fun when you get all kinds of ideas from just one word. Sometimes implementing those ideas are a whole other topic. So here is a reflection I was able to grab today. It is my Sweet P looking at himself in the mirror.  Check out those lashes.

January Photo a Day 20. Someone You Love – Mom

I have a houseful of someone’s I love. And I have photographed them several time during this process of Photo a Day. It happened that Jan 20th (the actual date of the challenge) my mom came over to watch the boys. AND it was her birthday. So I love that I was able to capture this moment with her.  She didn’t know I was taking the picture so it just feels so nature to who she is.  She is an amazing women. I am blown away at her faith, love and loyalty every day.  Happy Birthday, Mom!

Someone I LOVE - Mom

January Photo a day (Catch up) 17. Water 18. Something you bought

Ooooppps!! I was REALLY trying to blog everyday. Just to get me in the habit of writing and thinking about what I want to share. I thought the Photo a day would help. I will just keep plugging along.  So here is my catch up photos. Not as fab as I hoped.

Day 17.  Water

I really wanted to get a photo of the bathtub. The boys seem to get really creative with water during bath time.  But the day that water was the topic we didn’t do a bath. So the other concept of water is the water bottle I have to look for everyday to get into C boys backpack.

Finding the Water

Day 18. Something you Bought

The only thing I bought that day was goodies for the MOM’s group I was attending that day. I suppose I could have found something I bought before but… anyway… again a “boring” photo. Oh well. Can’t have winners every day. Right?

Something I bought.


January Photo a Day 15. Happiness

I’d like to think of myself as a happy person. (There are “moments” that may say otherwise). When I think of happiness I truly think of my family. But more so, my sweet hubby. We have been married 12 1/2 years. I still fee like it was just yesterday… then I hear our little people.

This photo was taken this morning while he was driving. I caught him of guard.

My Love