January Photo a Day 31. You, Again

It is not easy to post photos of myself. AND really difficult to TAKE them of myself. Never feel like I can’t get the whole angle right and what not… With that said here is todays photo, me…

Self Portrait...

Here is one I took earlier this month.

Self Portrait 2...

January Photo a Day 30. Nature

Aahhh, nature. I am really not that much of an outdoorsy kinda girl. There are certain aspects of nature I love… roses, the ocean, the breeze in the mountains. I live in the city. We have tried to make our home comfy, but we really are not so great at maintaining…  But here is a bit of nature around my home.

Floral Nature...

Here’s another one. More like what you’d find in the desert.

Aloa Vera - Desert Nature...

January Photo a day – Catching up… 27. Lunch, 28. Light & 29. Inside Your Fridge

It has been a busy weekend. So I will just do one post for the last couple of days.

27. Lunch – I mentioned before I just failed to get a lunch photo so I have decided to share what I had when I met “A Bit of Sparkle Farkle” at a fun independent coffee house, Cartel. It was a wonderful connection. I am looking forward to this new friendship.

MMM.... Blackberry scone and hot Chai

28. Light – The 28th is my brothers Birthday and if I could have gotten a shot of a Birthday Cake & Candles that would have been great. But I didn’t get to see him that day. 😦  I did come home to a crazy fort built in the living room. With the window behind it the light hit just right.

Saturday morning fort

Later I was with my youngest and was able to catch this photo of Light.

Light #2

29. Inside Your Fridge – I have to say, I was not looking forward to this photo. It is usually a mess in the sense that it is full of stuff & things. But, here you go…


That’s all for today. Tomorrow is Nature…



Make up – January Photo a Day 26. Colour

Colour is such a big part of my life! I help people wear the right colours (clothing & make up). I want and like colour in MY wardrobe. Although if you ask my 6 year old he’d tell you I like black. He’s right, I like it WITH colour. 🙂  Colour in my home, we have purple couches. Yes, my husband is OK with this.

This palette is one of my favorite from BeautiControl. It’s called Tropicana. Just so pretty. Can be subtle or bold.


Fashion – January Photo a Day 25. Something You Made

I am creative but not in a crafty sense (or at least I don’t feel as If I am). So the “something you made” threw me off a little, other than dinner yesterday. 🙂  Then I remembered I had make some bracelets with my MOM’s group a few years back. Each from a different year and theme. Yes, I still wear them.

Something I made

Kinda silly I know.

January Photo a Day 24. Guilty Pleasure – Chocolate

I have to laugh I got the days mixed up and photoed and posted to my FB and Twitter tomorrows photo. That’s what I get for running around with my head cut off.

At any rate, my usual guilty pleasure is chocolate. I just happen to pick up these goodies today when I popped to the store. MMMM  Chocolate… (insert Homer voice).

Guilty Pleasure - Chocolate

Here is the ooops photo. 🙂  Dinner for my boys. (Something You Made)

Something You Made - Dinner