Food – Photo a Day 14. Heart

Valentine’s Day Meals… Loving on my boys

For some reason this year I decied to do something special for my family.  I was inspired by a pinterest photo that went viral on FB a while ago. So I made a day of hearts and food for the boys.

We started Valentine’s morning with heart shaped cinnamon rolls. Here is what they looked like before baking.  Just took the refrigerated rolls, unrolled part way and reshaped a bit. When C Boy realized what I was making he was just beside himself.

Here is what they looked like baked and iced. Big smiles all morning.


For lunch I made PB&J sandwiches, but… cookie cutter-ed a heart. No photo it disappeared to fast.

And for dinner I made heart shaped pizza. Here’s the process and how it turned out.

Shaping the dough. Again super easy… Betty Crocker dump and stir pizza dough.

Shaping the dough

Added the sauce… jar sauce.

Add the toppings (pepperoni & cheese)

Bake, cool, cut, eat…



Quick Kitchen Tip

This is such a great idea! I love quick easy things like this. After freezing I would pop them in to a zip lock & pull out as needed

How often do you use a whole can of tomato paste? Me neither.

If you scoop the rest out onto wax paper in 1 tablespoon increments, you can freeze them and have them on hand for your next recipe. You don’t even have to defrost- it will cook down faster than you could find your can opener.

Hope it’s a beautiful Monday for you!

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Food – Faith – February Photo a Day 6. Dinner 7. Button 8. Sun

Dinner – This is one of the meals from the Funky Freezer Girls exchange, Spinach Lasagna. The boys enjoyed it very much.


Button – I was trying to make a heart with these buttons but they didn’t want to coroborate. So this is what was created from a bag of craft buttons.  Turned out rather pretty.  Love the colors.

Button - Cross

Sun – The sun in Arizona is sooo bright so capturing it can be tricky. Here is what I was able to get today…


Sun - Through the Trees



January Photo a day – Catching up… 27. Lunch, 28. Light & 29. Inside Your Fridge

It has been a busy weekend. So I will just do one post for the last couple of days.

27. Lunch – I mentioned before I just failed to get a lunch photo so I have decided to share what I had when I met “A Bit of Sparkle Farkle” at a fun independent coffee house, Cartel. It was a wonderful connection. I am looking forward to this new friendship.

MMM.... Blackberry scone and hot Chai

28. Light – The 28th is my brothers Birthday and if I could have gotten a shot of a Birthday Cake & Candles that would have been great. But I didn’t get to see him that day. 😦  I did come home to a crazy fort built in the living room. With the window behind it the light hit just right.

Saturday morning fort

Later I was with my youngest and was able to catch this photo of Light.

Light #2

29. Inside Your Fridge – I have to say, I was not looking forward to this photo. It is usually a mess in the sense that it is full of stuff & things. But, here you go…


That’s all for today. Tomorrow is Nature…



January Photo a Day 24. Guilty Pleasure – Chocolate

I have to laugh I got the days mixed up and photoed and posted to my FB and Twitter tomorrows photo. That’s what I get for running around with my head cut off.

At any rate, my usual guilty pleasure is chocolate. I just happen to pick up these goodies today when I popped to the store. MMMM  Chocolate… (insert Homer voice).

Guilty Pleasure - Chocolate

Here is the ooops photo. 🙂  Dinner for my boys. (Something You Made)

Something You Made - Dinner


Food – Funky Freezer Girl Prep & Exchange

Friday I was able to meet with my wonder girlfriends in my Funky Freezer Girls meal exchange group.  I am soo blessed by them.  I love that I can spend a few hours making 10 of the same meal, meet with my group and walk away with 10 different meals to have in my freezer for future use. It has saved so much time and frustration for my family.

Not only is it a blessing to my family but the fellowship that comes from spending time with these incredible women. Each time we meet it is different.  Sometime we laugh with each other and sometime we cry or both (we are women).

This month I made the amazing Shredded Chicken and Bean Taco recipe that my friend Jen shared with me. Sooo easy and very yummy.

Here are some photos of the prep for this recipe…

These are all the ingredients I needed…

Getting ready

Setting up is important so everything goes as quickly and smoothly as possible


Above it the “finished” product. Making sure it is labeled with everything one needs to know to make this dish.

Ready for the Freezer

Our group uses these pans for the exchange, so even though my meal was ziplocked I place them in here before freezing.

There you have it. This months exchange…

Food – Guest Drool: Acqua Al 2

I was able to share my dining experience at Acqua Al 2 with Collaborative.Drool and their fans. It is a place I HIGHLY recommend! When you visit Florence, Italy, Washington, DC, or San Diego, CA. See if you can get reservations and visit.

Since I have only just gotten into blogging it is kinda fun to see others take interest in what I have to say both here on this blog and being asked to guest blog.  I’ll back posting for Collaborative.Drool and another blog. I’ll share when I finish my guest post for them. What an exciting time.

Guest Drool: Acqua Al 2 « collaborative.drool.