Food – Photo a day June

I have been wondering if I should post the list of the photo a day so you can see it. Would you like that?  Here are the days that I’ll be doing in this blog, 3, 7, 8, & 14, all related to food somehow…

3. On your plate  We have a Sunday dinner tradition of eating with my parents and grandfather. Hubby doesn’t get to go but the boys love it. You’d think it would be roast and potatoes or something like that. You’d be wrong. We go to a place called Giant Hamburger. They really do have great burgers and french fries. The thing the boys like best is if they’ve eaten their dinner well they get to share a piece of pie, chocolate pie. Here is what was on my plate.

On my plate – burger and fries, yum!

7. Drink Do you get the souvenir cup from Harkins? It really is a great deal even if you only go a few times a year. The boys had just enjoyed using their cup at Summer Movie Fun.

Drink – Harkins Cup

8. Six O’Clock  I am so bad at getting the actual time that is requested. Here is the closest I could get that day. We were having dinner again with the grandparents.

6 o’clock – Dinner with the boys.

14. Time  5:00PM Somewhere… I had the opportunity to have a Mom’s Night Out with some of the moms from the kindergarten class. They are some fun ladies. I had a lovely glass of wine with them.

Time – 5:00 somewhere


June Photo a Day 1 – National Doughnut Day

What fun! National Doughnut Day. Who doesn’t like doughnuts, especially FREE ones. I didn’t eat any since I am still on my no sweets commitment… life change… thing. I took my mom and the boys over to our FAVORITE doughnut shop, Krispy Kreme. I have loved this place since I was a kid and my dad use to take my brother and I once a week after we dropped my mom at work. Good memories. Anyway, you can see them making the doughnuts through a window and the kids love it. (OK me too.)

1. Morning  At National Doughnut Day. We had to wait in this crazy line, since everyone was there for a free doughnut.

Morning – waiting in line and saw a Vintage sign on the wall

We of course didn’t just get our free doughnut we had to get a dozen…

The boys enjoying the “Morning”

Did you partake in National Doughnut day?

Food – May Photo a Day (17,18, 27)

Food… yeah, need I say more?

17. Snack  This really is one of my snacks not for the boys. I have given up sweets and want to increase my protein. It is an ongoing process.


18. Something you made  I have always been intimidated by the thought of canning. I appreciate foods that are canned but never really thought that I would do it. A few friends and I got together to learn how. I participated in making strawberry jam. Sooo yummy! and way easier than I ever thought it would be. I think canning is best as a group activity. Not sure I would do it by myself.

Something you made – Strawberry Jan

27. Something Sweet  We celebrated my brother in law’s birthday and this is the yummy cake they got for him. Wish I could have eaten some.

Something sweet – Birthday Cake


Food – March Photo a Day 22 & 25

Have you ever just had so much on your plate that you’ve had to step back for a bit, even from something you enjoy? I have still been taking the photo a day challenge but needed to get some other things taken care of before I jumped back into this part of my silly blog. I am still in catch up mode. I may be from here on out. Who knows. 🙂

22. Kitchen Sink I really really did not want to photograph my kitchen sink. Most of the time there is something in it, like, oh, dishes. Even after I get all the dishes washed not five minutes later there is more. UGH! Here you have my sink with Pasta in a colander. One of my boys favorite meals AND one of the messiest.

Sink - with pasta

25. Breakfast Yes, we have the breakfast of champions at my house. The boys have really been in to crunch berry cereal or waffles with juice or milk. Of course they have to be on colorful plates, bowls and cups.

Breakfast of Champions

What is your kids favorite meals?

Food – Ladies Who Lunch – In training

Had the privilege to lunch with a couple of my girlfriends the other day at Au Petit Four. It was so delightful. The food was wonderful and the conversation even better. As a moms we so appreciate the time and opportunity to have uninterrupted adult conversation. I think it’s important for mom’s to have girlfriend time.

Our youngest kiddos are about to enter preschool in the near future, so we were laughing that we were about to become “ladies who lunch” and this was just training. I like this kind of training.

We shared a selection of Nicoise salad, Smoked salmon sandwich, and Goat cheese quiche. YUMM! These girls know how to pick some good food. I was lucky to be lunching with some foodies. 🙂

Here’s a look at what we had.

Smoked Salmon on a FRESH baguette.



Here's all the shared yummmies.

OH and by the way this is the March Photo a Day for day 21. Delicious How lucky did I get to have this topic the same day as lunch with friends.

How do you feel about lunching? Are you in training?

March Photo a Day 1. Up 2. Fruit 3. Your Neighborhood

It was a challenge for me to figure out how to do the “photos a day” while away.  I went to The Leadership Conference for BeautiControl to keep up on the new things introduced and get motivated. I’ll post about that soon. Somehow I made it work.

1. UP After arguing with the front desk girl about having a non smoking room, she insisted there weren’t any, she “found one” on the 15th floor. Here is the view from the room.

Up-room with a view.

2. Fruit It was not easy to finding fruit that was photographable… So this is what I got… when I dropped way to much for a yogurt parfait, but it had fruit.

Fruit - Yogurt Parfait

3. Your Neighborhood – Once again standing outside trying to get a photo… my neighbors must thing I’m a nut. 🙂  I almost forgot to get this photo today, hence,  a night time shot.

Your Neighborhood - at night

Catching up February Photo a day 26-29

I was concerned that when I left on my trip that I might not get back. I was right. Sorry, I’ve been “away” from blogging.  I’ll try not to overwhelm you with to much as I catch up on the daily photos and my other thoughts. 🙂

Here we are the 26th – Night The funny thing about this photo, I was standing out in my driveway taking pictures of the block trying to get a shot when two police officers drove up and parked. EEK, whats that about… they went to my neighbors house but gave me a funny look. I waved and smiled. lol

27. Something you ate Lunch with the boys. C Boy wanted a TIE Fighter sandwich. He was very happy we have the cutters from William Sonoma.

28. Money I had appointments all day. So I had some cash. Yippy!

My ATM (any time money)

29. Something you’re listening to This is the radio station in Dallas that was playing in the Super Shuttle. The driver though I was funny taking a picture of the radio. Yeah, that’s me, funny.  I was also listening to all the conversations but every time I tried to get a photo it just came out bad and I knew I would be in trouble if I posted.  PS… Happy Leap Year.

Something you're listening to