Promoting my Business – Wine Women and Wings to Soar event

I was given a great opportunity to showcase my Image Consulting Business at the Wine Women and Wings to Soar event held at the ASU Polytechnic Campus. The sponsors National Bank of Arizona did a lovely job of pulling all the details together, food, beverages, door prizes and special gifts for each person in attendance. We also had the privilege to listen to a panel of inspirational women sharing their experience in the world of technology.

I was able to meet some fantastic ladies and share my business with them, JackieStyle. Help women look and feel their best through image services including skin care, make up application, color analysis, body typing, fashion personality, closet makeovers, personal shopping, wardrobing, workshops and more.

I had a little challenge trying to put together what I felt was the “right” display. You’ll have to let me know if what I put together did that justice.

Display - JackieStyle

Display (2) - JackieStyle

If you’d like to know more, let me know.

April Photo a Day 1 & 2

Wow! April we are over a quarter of a way through the year.

1. Your Reflection The mirrors I have in my home are not conducive at this time to get a decent reflection. I would have to move to many things. I tell you the careful thoughtfulness that goes into creating a photo. This one is taken in our car “vanity” mirror. If you look closely you can see one of my boys.

Reflection - Car Vanity Mirror

2. Colour  First, I love the spelling of this photo. No, I didn’t spell it wrong it is just a different way to spell color. This is the color wheel I use when I meet with my clients to discuss what it means to wear their best colors. Do you know your best colors?

Colour - Wheel

If you’d like to learn more about your best colors pop over to my website look for the eBeauti icon at the top and take the quiz.


Fashion – March Photo a Day 24 & 29

Yes, I am skipping around on the days. I wanted to post related themes together.

24. Animal  You’ve seen this animal print before if you read my review of the Karen Kane Fashion show. So fun and flirty. Love that there are pockets in the dress.

Animal - Print

29. Feet  I really wanted to do something different this day. I’ve take pictures of my boys feet and mine before so really wanted something new.  We happened to have been invited to a Birthday Party where socks where required. These feet are of some friends of ours. Mother and daughter wearing some fun, crazy, mismatched socks. They thought I was silly to take a pic of their feet. They are right.

Feet - Crazy Socks

What is something unique that you like to wear?

Review of Ms. Senior Arizona 2012 Pageant

I have been the official Image Consultant for the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant for the last 10 years.  I work with the ladies who would like help with wardrobe choices and with make up application techniques. It has been great fun and very inspiring. The contestants are judged in four areas: the interview with the judges, philosophy, gown and talent. They must also be 60 and above.

Day of the pageant I spend the entire day with them from dress rehearsal to end of the pageant. It is a long day for us all. I make sure they are zipped, buttoned, pinned, and made up. Oh, and I had to keep track of everyone to make sure they where back stage on time.

After 6 or so rehearsals and getting to meet about half in their homes I come to love these ladies. They are so inspiring and full of such knowledge. I love to hear each of their experiences and stories of life.

Here are some photos I was able to capture during the day of the pageant.

Group shot of the class of 2012

Getting ready!

Back Stage.

getting direction

The 2012 Queen

2010 Ms. Senior Arizona Court

Fashion – Karen Kane Fashion Show – Phoenix

It was a very busy day the day of the Karen Kane fashion. I did the fashion show and the Ms. Senior AZ Pageant in the same day. Here are my thoughts and experience about the fashion show.

There was a nice reception before the fashion show They served sparkling cider, raspberry lemonade, red velvet cupcakes,  & fruit tarts.  And best of all an opportunity to meet with Karen Kane. She is very gracious and took many pictures with her fans. Me included. 🙂 I look like I had been running across town 3 different times that day. Goodness. She looks lovely.

I’ve been a fan of Karen Kane fashions for a long time. I became a bigger fan when I heard she does 80% of the manufacturing here in the US. I also appreciate that she is still doing all of the designing herself.

Made in USA.

Here are some photos from the fashion show.

I want this jacket.

Love the the print and that it has pockets.

The short seen below are a beautiful linen great length. I get so scared of linen as a mom who hates to iron. I just know they’d be so comfy and cool during the Hot AZ summers.

Love the color and length of this dress.

On another quick mommy note about Karen Kane fashions, most of them are washable.

I have more photos I think I’ll post another time. More of a “who I met” blog topic.

Fashion & Sas – March Photo a Day 16 & 17

Not that you need to see another photo of me, but how can you truly see the fun in the next photo topic?

16. Sunglasses Yes, I am a bit on the sassy side. I wonder where my kiddos get it from. I bought these fun pink sunglasses in San Giminano, Italy at an open market. So fun. It is one of my favorite place to visit. The day I got these it was pouring rain.

Sunglasses - Pink & Sassy

17. Green Hmmm, I wonder why they picked green for March 17th. Funny topic. I was at the Ms. Senior Arizona rehearsal on the 17th and found this lovely lady with her beautiful Emerald Green Jewels on. Go figure she’s a redhead too. She’s on of the contestants, funny, poised, and lovely.

Green - Wearing her emeralds.

What accessory makes you feel sassy?

Fashion & Make Up March Photo a day 7-9

Here I go to continue the photo a day (catch up).

7. Something you wore  I chose this outfit for the March 7th as I was invited to speak for a women’s group EVFN. They tend to be older and I wanted to have a conservative look. So I wore a great wide leg grey trouser (you can see from a previous post), a button down navy pinstripe shirt and these FAB tweed heels. I was well received by the ladies, so I guess I did good.

Something I wore.

8. Window By the end of the day my creative juices were done and the boys were in bed so I only had a few window options open.  This is in my bedroom… I hung my dream board off the sheers so I could look at it every day.

Window - Bedroom

9. Red LIp colour… This is one of my favorite lip colors right now. Cherry Blossom and it is of course from BeautiControl. It is a lip stick, stain and gloss all in one called an “Intense Lip Creme”. I have to use a mirror to apply, most other kinds I don’t have to.

RED - Intense Lip Creme - BeautiControl

If you’d like to know more about the lip creme let me know. 🙂