Packing Tip To Easily Keep Track of What to Take

Does packing for a trip, whether business or pleasure, make you crazy? I hear this over and over with my clients. Here’s a quick tip to help you when you pack in the future.

If you are attending a Conference or an Event with a “planned” agenda, print the agenda prior to starting your packing. Many agendas will even give you an heads up as to what is appropriate during each session. Ex: Business Casual, Business Smart, Cocktail or Formal. Take a look at all the events and visualize how you wish to show up. What you want to look like. Then starting pulling the pieces from your closet you feel would work for each event/meeting. I like to mix and match so I’ll try to keep to somewhat of a color theme. Write everything down on the agenda you are planning on taking. Make sure you include your accessories, shoes and other incidentals you’ll need for each outfit.

Let’s say your not going on a business trip but vacation where there is no agenda to print. Make your own. Get a piece of paper and write out each day you’ll we away… include your travel days. If you know specific things you’ll be doing add them to your packing list. Ex: beach, hiking, attend wedding and the like. Then starting pulling those items you want for those experiences. Write them all down. This also helps to determine if you have everything you ¬†need for the trip and can create your shopping list.

Why write them all down? Let’s say something happened to your luggage you now have a list of every item in your suitcase. Still feel frustrated by the daunting idea of packing? You can alway enlist me to pack for you.

I have a packing list pre-typed you receive by emailing Write packing list in the subject line. ūüôā

Experience of a Lifetime

I have been in the Skincare, makeup, image industry for 20+ years helping women see their beauty. Everything from everyday makeup, wedding day, pageant, photo shoots, and TV interviews. Today I was able to have a first. I was the makeup artist on location for a national TV program doing a shoot here in Phoenix. It was an all day gig AND so fun.

Here’s a couple of pics from the day. I’ll post the show when it airs.

Thanks for sharing in my excitement. I just had to share right away. Someone else took the pics of me doing my thing. I’ll update this post when I receive them.

Have an amazing day!

Spring is in the Air – 40 Hanger Challenge

I thought when I started the 40 Hanger Challenge it would be done and over it by now. Somehow, I have this idea to keep going longer. Now it is Spring in AZ, mostly 80’s but have seen a few high 90’s already. Which means the February 40 hanger pieces no longer work.

Here’s what I’ll be focusing on to freshen my 40 hangers:

  • Pops of color (Purple of course, pinks, blues)
  • White capri’s, jeans,
  • Shorts – dressy and casual
  • Classy sleeveless

I already have most of these items in my boxes and will need to find them.

I will also be looking for cute up-to-date sandals and peep toe shoes.

What are you looking to add to your wardrobe this Spring?


Living the 40 Hanger Challenge

I have been living the 40 Hanger Challenge since February 1st and it was suppose to end on February 28th. I felt it needed a little more time. Not totally sure how I feel about this but I am doing it anyway.

Here’s what I’ve discovered. Some of the pieces I thought I would wear a lot never came out of the closet. I have been replacing those items with ones I want to wear. Weather in the Phoenix (AZ) metro area in February is wacky. Trying to predict what the best items for this was and is hard. Although March/April will stay in the 80’s mostly. It is also hard to get me photographed before I am running out the door or changing in to “mommy clothes”. You know the “mommy clothes”, the ones a mom wears when making dinner, cleaning, doing bathes and taking care of sick kids.

Here’s some photos of what I have put together.

I am continuing this challenge into April. Wish me luck. Transitioning the closet to spring is the next step. I’ll take a group shot of the current 40 before I move things out.

Are you about to pull out your spring wardrobe?

Bold Ideas

Bold Ideas

Oasis shift dress

Special occasion dress

21 Men chino pants

Fancy pants

Blue shoes

Converse shoes

Accessorize flat shoes

Hackett Honeycomb Pique Jacket

Beams Plus Button Down Indigo Check Shirt

Blue Plain Tie

Denim & Neutrals

Denim & Neutrals

The Fashion Focus Continues – 40 Hanger Challenge

I am amazed at the hours it is taking me to go through my closet. If you decide to attempt this challenge be aware it will take you several days if you have a stuffed full closet. Over the long weekend I think I  gave it 5 + hours. This did include multiple interruption from my silly boys. AND I am still NOT done.

Working on making it happen.

Working on making it happen.

I have filled 4 containers of various sizes of 1) the clothes I want to keep after the challenge, 2) ones that don’t fit right now, and 3) seasonal items. There is also two large shopping bags FULL ready for the next “Switch & Ditch“. I should count the actual number leaving my closet forever. (Side note, I never did get a full count but I am still pulling clothes out)

So much stuff!

So much stuff! Just 2 of the bins I filled.

Lastly, I am really working the mix and match angle I love so much. Really figuring out which pieces I truly enjoy wearing and the maximum number of looks I can get out of them. ¬†I really want all my outfits to represent me and not just an “easy way out”.

Here are the bags that left forever… oh! and a box of 10 pairs of shoes.

Good bye, forever.

Good bye, forever.

Have you taken an assessment of your closet? How is that going?