Faith – Dream Board

it has been a long time since I have been able to “finish” making a dream board.  With my busy boys running around and me being spent by the end of the day doing one at have has not been a priority.  I got the bug to do one in Dec. but just couldn’t seem to finaggle it.  I had a meeting with a friend of mine (An Occasion to Remember) right after the new year and I shared with her that I wanted to do a dream board. Turns out she did too. I met with a mutual friend of ours (Spirit Led Life Coach) to see if we could make this work for us and a few others.

I am a visual and tactile person so Dream or Vision Boards really speak to me. I have led my team through creating their own several times but it was so nice to have someone else lead me through this years.  I would greatly encourage you to create one yourself.

Here is how mine turned out this year… different from ones in the past.

Dream Board

Here’s what you need to do your own:

  1. Poster Board ( you choose the size)
  2. Magazines that vary in subject (ex fashion, business, travel, home)
  3. glue stick or something to adhere your pictures to the board
  4. scissors (fun or plane) I like fun.
  5. Most importantly, a somewhat clear vision of what you’d like to see in your future. The more specific the better. Somehow you will find pictures or words that will translate over for your board.

I like it best to do this process with friends. You can support one another and then when you share you can celebrate.

Before I begin I am prayerful about what I really need and want. My hope for you is that “He grant your heart;s desires and make all your plans succeed.” Psalm 20:4 (NLT)


Faith – February Photo a Day 2. Words

Words are a constant in my life, written and spoken. I read to my boys and to my self daily. And the spoken word is non stop at my home with these busy boys we have.  I have these words displayed in a prominent place in my home so I can remember them daily. It is one of the most famous verses from the Bible used at weddings. “Love is patient….” I was once taught to try and put my name in each time the word love was used… so… Jackie is patient, Jackie is kind…. and so on. Well, as much as I might try, that is just not soo all the time.  Now, put Jesus in place of love… it is completely interchangeable.

I made this plaque with some great friends at a mom’s group. It means so much to me.

Love is....

Food – Funky Freezer Girl Prep & Exchange

Friday I was able to meet with my wonder girlfriends in my Funky Freezer Girls meal exchange group.  I am soo blessed by them.  I love that I can spend a few hours making 10 of the same meal, meet with my group and walk away with 10 different meals to have in my freezer for future use. It has saved so much time and frustration for my family.

Not only is it a blessing to my family but the fellowship that comes from spending time with these incredible women. Each time we meet it is different.  Sometime we laugh with each other and sometime we cry or both (we are women).

This month I made the amazing Shredded Chicken and Bean Taco recipe that my friend Jen shared with me. Sooo easy and very yummy.

Here are some photos of the prep for this recipe…

These are all the ingredients I needed…

Getting ready

Setting up is important so everything goes as quickly and smoothly as possible


Above it the “finished” product. Making sure it is labeled with everything one needs to know to make this dish.

Ready for the Freezer

Our group uses these pans for the exchange, so even though my meal was ziplocked I place them in here before freezing.

There you have it. This months exchange…

Faith – Fashion – Food

Why Faith, Fashion and Food? At this time in my life, those three topics come up A LOT. Along with Family & Friends but I feel those are given topics and always end up in the categories anyway.

Faith.  I am always being challenged as to where I am on my faith walk. I know this walk is uniquely mine as I am a unique child of God, however, the path is full of others who need to know they are not alone. I am encouraged when I read or hear about others who are either going through something similar or have made it through one of my struggles. I hope to be one of encouragement for others.

Fashion.  This topic is also near and dear to my heart. I have been a fashionista since I was tiny, happily giving whomever would listen fashion advice. It is now my career & business. I actually get paid to give that advice. Wanting to pay it forward, I get to share some tidbits of the happenings of my biz and share tips.

Food.  This is an unexpected topic to my life. I like food, I like to eat food, I like good food, but never thought it would be something I spent much time thinking, talking or posting about. Funny how God throws the unexpected into your life.  I am the founder of Funky Freezer Girls, a freezer meal exchange group. It has changed so many families’ lives and now I talk about food… a lot. So, I’ll be sharing some recipes and ideas here.

Looking forward to sharing all this with you.

A New Year, A New Blog

After being hit over the head the last few months with the question, “When are you starting YOUR blog?” I have finally today jumped into the waters of blogging. I am both excited and “scared” to begin this journey. I am glad you have decided to join me.  This little endeaver will involve a few topics I hold near and dear… faith, fashion, and food (with some family and friends thrown in for good measure.)  Sooo… heeeerrrreeee… weeeee gooooo!