April Photo a Day – Something I don’t like

There are lots of things I don’t like. Mushrooms and mean people. I also don’t like graffiti unless it is done for the sake of art. I pretty sure the people who “tag” our walls aren’t thinking of beautifying our neighborhood. I am off track… today I am really not liking doing the dishes. Every time I turn around there is more even after I have just washed them all. When I posted this photo a friend of mine on twitter saw the bright colored plates. I think that is fun she noticed the color and not the actual “act” of dishes.

17. Something you don’t like – doing dishes (maybe I should just say “house work”)

Something you don't like - Doing Dishes

Well, in the same sense of not liking something, buying gas is right up there.  The amount of money it takes to fill up my car is getting crazy. Here are some tips to help get better gas mileage: plan your trips out, make sure your tires have enough air, keep your car in good maintenance, drive 5-10 mph under the speed limit (or in my case drive the speed limit) (don’t tell).

22. The last thing you bought – Gas and after this fill up, I won’t be buying things for awhile.

The last thing you bought - Gas

April Photo a Day – Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty is the theme the last few photos.

16. Flower  After having a conversation with a client about networking and image I came up with this little idea for the ladies at my networking group. Did you know that yellow is a memorable color. If you wear it when meeting people you’ll have a better chance of being remembered. Same reason Post-Its are yellow, you’re more likely to remember what you wrote. So, my idea was to have these flowers made for the ladies at my networking group so they could wear them and remember me and the talk I have.

Flowers - Accessories

18. Hair  It makes my younger brother crazy that I have the hair I have. I have never dyed it  and it is naturally curly. He is greying. I have been thinking of cutting it shorter again but my hubby really likes it long. What is it about men and long hair?

Hair - Natural color & curl

19. Orange  My youngest really likes orange. It is not one of my favorites. I was at a BeautiControl meeting learning about the fun things in store for May and saw this.

Orange BC



Parenthood – April Photo a Day 12-14

More about my boys and the fun we have.

12. Stairs  We don’t have stairs at our house and I didn’t go anywhere to find some. So here are some stairs we found.

Stairs - Batman Cave

13. Something you found  Here is my C boy with a something he found. He’s pretty proud of the find.

Something C Boy's found.

14. How you feel today  I started this day feeling grumpy. I think it had to do with boys being naughty and not listening. But by lunch I was feeling “Thumbs Up” with a snuggle from my big boy.

Feeling - Thumbs up


Just a lot of Me – Photo a day April – Catching up

Busy month for me, how about you? So let’s do some catching up. I am still very much enjoying the photo a day challenge. I hope you are too. Here we go.

8. Inside your wallet  I always dread doing photos of inside things… wallet, cabinet, sink… etc. but here you go.

Inside your wallet

9. Younger You  Yes, this is me. I see a little of me in my boys. 🙂

Me, a younger me.

10. Cold  This was a water dispenser at an event I did. I like the design.

Cold - Ice

I am going to post about the event later.

11. Where you ate breakfast  This is where I meet with some fantastic women for networking. They make a pretty dang good breakfast. Try the biscuits.

Breakfast - Black Bear

April Photo a Day 5-7

I have had really good eye site for as long as I can remember. So you can image how not being able to read the color names on my lip colors can be frustrating…

5. Tiny  Names on the bottom of my BeautiControl Lip Color – Fire & Ice

Tiny Words - Fire & Ice

6. Lunch I didn’t have anything fun or exciting for lunch so I thought it would be funny to take a photo of hubby’s lunch. I lovingly pack his lunch for him before he heads off to work. It saves us so much money and it’s healthier for him too. Plus leftovers get eaten, everyone is happy.

Lunch - to go

7. Shadow I thought is was funny that on Easter Day the topic was Shadow… Not egg? bunny? CHOCOLATE?? Nope, Shadow. This was taken while the boys where hunting for EGGS, eating CHOCOLATE, talking about BUNNY’s

Shadow on Easter.

Have you noticed a change in your eyes?

Do you pack a lunch?

April Photo a Day 3 & 4

I have a good friend leaving soon for a great adventure. She sent me a card to say goodbye.

3. Mail  This is the stamp from her card. She will be missed by many. I am so exited for her and sad for me. I will, however, have a great place to visit when I have the chance.

Mail - Stamp

4. Someone who makes you happy  My boys. All of them. Although at time they totally drive me crazy. Yes, they make me so happy. I truly am blessed.  This is bed time story time.

Someone who makes me happy - my boys.