Packing Tip To Easily Keep Track of What to Take

Does packing for a trip, whether business or pleasure, make you crazy? I hear this over and over with my clients. Here’s a quick tip to help you when you pack in the future.

If you are attending a Conference or an Event with a “planned” agenda, print the agenda prior to starting your packing. Many agendas will even give you an heads up as to what is appropriate during each session. Ex: Business Casual, Business Smart, Cocktail or Formal. Take a look at all the events and visualize how you wish to show up. What you want to look like. Then starting pulling the pieces from your closet you feel would work for each event/meeting. I like to mix and match so I’ll try to keep to somewhat of a color theme. Write everything down on the agenda you are planning on taking. Make sure you include your accessories, shoes and other incidentals you’ll need for each outfit.

Let’s say your not going on a business trip but vacation where there is no agenda to print. Make your own. Get a piece of paper and write out each day you’ll we away… include your travel days. If you know specific things you’ll be doing add them to your packing list. Ex: beach, hiking, attend wedding and the like. Then starting pulling those items you want for those experiences. Write them all down. This also helps to determine if you have everything you  need for the trip and can create your shopping list.

Why write them all down? Let’s say something happened to your luggage you now have a list of every item in your suitcase. Still feel frustrated by the daunting idea of packing? You can alway enlist me to pack for you.

I have a packing list pre-typed you receive by emailing Write packing list in the subject line. 🙂

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