Consistency is Key


How are you doing with social media for your business?

How many different platforms are you using?

Are you consistent? This is the big question…

I want to encourage you that consistency is key to your social media success. Consistent with the number of posts per week, the content is consistent with the message you want to send and with engaging with your followers.

First, posting everyday is the best, even a couple times a day of well planned content, but once a month is lacking and you’ll lose your audience. If you don’t feel you can be consistent don’t start yet. Take an assessment of what you are able to do. FaceBook is the biggest most known platform and a great place to begin. Start with a few times a week and work up.

Consistency in content helps your audience know what your all about and what they can expect from you. When you post something out of “character” or  “Brand” it can affect your likes, comments, shares and follows.

Lastly, consistency in engaging with your audience; making sure you thank, comment and react to anything your audience has posted in a timely manner. Whether it’s good or bad.   If this is an area you are feeling challenged in, I can help.

Click HERE to schedule a FREE 15 – minute virtual consultation to discuss your social media concerns.

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