Home – Photo a Day May (5,11)

As much as I love my home it is not always up to photographic par. It happens that both of the photos in regard to my home are of the kitchen. This room is in constant disarray and other than the living room the most lived in.

5. Bird  Decor on the cabinets. My mom calls him Clarence. She gave him to me after her cat would hunt him down and carry him all over the house.

Bird – Decor – Clarence

11. Kitchen  I have a constant stream of dishes in my sink or on the counter. On this day it was particularly so I purposely “blurred” the photo. It just felt no matter which direction I tried to take a “kitchen” photo it was a mess. I need to have company over more so I am motivated to super clean.


Which room in your home is most “lived” in?

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