Parenthood – April Photo a Day

Yes, my friends I am still catching up. I have no excuses just that I am a wife, mom and business woman that just plain and simple has a lot on my plate. Keeping up with the regular day to day just in one of those areas can be… well… you know. 🙂

28. 1pm  I even thought about the time several times as the day went on and still missed 1pm, but I got 2pm, which is 1pm in California… right?  This is what was happening. Sweet P was playing with a cup on our way home from a birthday party. They had a great time but missed quiet time.

1pm (in California) Sweet P.

30. Something that makes you sad   This is a “posed” photo but I think any parent would say when your child is sad or hurt your heart breaks. Just today Sweet P fell and bonked his side. Daddy was closer but he came looking for me with this little pout and “mama…”  Don’t these sad faces just make your heart break.

Something that makes you sad.


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