Faith – May Photo a Day 1. Peace

Happy Day! I have made it into the same month which the photos have been taken. Happy Dance.

1. Peace  When I really need to feel peace or I am seeking peace I head to my Bible and look for a quite moment.  With two little boys this is not always easy.  The angel was a gift from a friend. It is a book mark I keep it in my Bible.

Peace – From God.

Where do you find peace?

Parenthood – April Photo a Day

Yes, my friends I am still catching up. I have no excuses just that I am a wife, mom and business woman that just plain and simple has a lot on my plate. Keeping up with the regular day to day just in one of those areas can be… well… you know. 🙂

28. 1pm  I even thought about the time several times as the day went on and still missed 1pm, but I got 2pm, which is 1pm in California… right?  This is what was happening. Sweet P was playing with a cup on our way home from a birthday party. They had a great time but missed quiet time.

1pm (in California) Sweet P.

30. Something that makes you sad   This is a “posed” photo but I think any parent would say when your child is sad or hurt your heart breaks. Just today Sweet P fell and bonked his side. Daddy was closer but he came looking for me with this little pout and “mama…”  Don’t these sad faces just make your heart break.

Something that makes you sad.

April Photo a Day – Somewhere you went

When I first read the challenge I thought it meant where I went THAT day. When I started seeing what my friends were posting I realized it could possibly mean somewhere I went traveling. I chose to post both.

27. Somewhere you went  That day – had coffee with a friend.

Somewhere you went – Starbuck

Somewhere you went – Rome, Italy with my sweetheart. (2008)

Somewhere you went – Rome, Italy

Where have you gone lately?

April Photo a Day 25. Looking Down

While “looking down” I realized I need a pedicure. Luckily you can’t tell. Good thing I know a few products that can help. I just love the Detox foot creme from BeautiControl. I have it on my bedside table to make sure I put it on every night. Since sandal season is upon us it’s even more important. I like to do a treatment for my clients where you put the foot creme on, a plastic bag and then a heated footie. Oh it feels soo good and your feet are smooth afterward. It’s even better if you do a little foot scrub before hand. The crazy thing is if I put on my foot creme while my hubby is around next thing I know his feet are on my lap.

Looking down – my toes, need a pedicure.

What’s your favorite color to paint your toes?

Randomness – April Photo a Day – 23, 26, 29

Because I still have to “catch up” I am posting in random order because some photos relate to each other better than if I went in order. When/if I catch up I will just go in order… I think.  Thanks for being patient with me.

23. Vegetable  Unless I am going to serve vegetables right away I just don’t buy fresh as often as I like. They end up bad before we can eat them all and I don’t like living at the grocery store. I always have a supply of veggies in the freezer. Right now C boy is into carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. Surprising I know. Sweet P will eat almost any veggie as long as his big brother doesn’t start making a fuss about them.


26. Black & White  I was feeling very literal when I took this shot. I love that the piggy bank is zebra print. A very stylin pig. I’ve had this thing for years. The boys found it and have claimed it.

Black & White – To Literal?

29. Circle  I could spend days in a paper or office supply store just looking at al the fun options that are out there for paper, folders, envelopes, cards… you get it. A friend of mine found this folder with colorful circles. And it says Chocolate (yumm) and Jackie. I was meant to have it.



Faith – April Photo a Day – Something Your Grateful For

I am grateful for a great many things. On tough days I don’t always remember all of them. I do remember how grateful I am for my faith. That I get to practice my faith and beliefs safely. Talk about and display it openly. I would not be very far if I didn’t have my faith.

24. Something your Grateful for  My Faith. The Bible. Jesus.


What are you grateful for?

April Photo a Day 21. Bottle(s)

When I first met my husband I totally “offended” his friend by drinking pink boxed wine. Oh the horror! lol I really just had no idea and I have a sweet tooth so most wines were just to bitter. I have since expanded my palette and learned to enjoy a variety of wines none of which are pink.

21. Bottle(s)  – Wine rack. I think it’s time to have some friends over for dinner so we can share some of these.

Bottle - Wine

We save the corks, and have our friends sign and date them. We have a fun collection.