April Photo a Day – Something I don’t like

There are lots of things I don’t like. Mushrooms and mean people. I also don’t like graffiti unless it is done for the sake of art. I pretty sure the people who “tag” our walls aren’t thinking of beautifying our neighborhood. I am off track… today I am really not liking doing the dishes. Every time I turn around there is more even after I have just washed them all. When I posted this photo a friend of mine on twitter saw the bright colored plates. I think that is fun she noticed the color and not the actual “act” of dishes.

17. Something you don’t like – doing dishes (maybe I should just say “house work”)

Something you don't like - Doing Dishes

Well, in the same sense of not liking something, buying gas is right up there.  The amount of money it takes to fill up my car is getting crazy. Here are some tips to help get better gas mileage: plan your trips out, make sure your tires have enough air, keep your car in good maintenance, drive 5-10 mph under the speed limit (or in my case drive the speed limit) (don’t tell).

22. The last thing you bought – Gas and after this fill up, I won’t be buying things for awhile.

The last thing you bought - Gas

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