April Photo a Day – Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty is the theme the last few photos.

16. Flower  After having a conversation with a client about networking and image I came up with this little idea for the ladies at my networking group. Did you know that yellow is a memorable color. If you wear it when meeting people you’ll have a better chance of being remembered. Same reason Post-Its are yellow, you’re more likely to remember what you wrote. So, my idea was to have these flowers made for the ladies at my networking group so they could wear them and remember me and the talk I have.

Flowers - Accessories

18. Hair  It makes my younger brother crazy that I have the hair I have. I have never dyed it  and it is naturally curly. He is greying. I have been thinking of cutting it shorter again but my hubby really likes it long. What is it about men and long hair?

Hair - Natural color & curl

19. Orange  My youngest really likes orange. It is not one of my favorites. I was at a BeautiControl meeting learning about the fun things in store for May and saw this.

Orange BC



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