April Photo a Day 5-7

I have had really good eye site for as long as I can remember. So you can image how not being able to read the color names on my lip colors can be frustrating…

5. Tiny  Names on the bottom of my BeautiControl Lip Color – Fire & Ice

Tiny Words - Fire & Ice

6. Lunch I didn’t have anything fun or exciting for lunch so I thought it would be funny to take a photo of hubby’s lunch. I lovingly pack his lunch for him before he heads off to work. It saves us so much money and it’s healthier for him too. Plus leftovers get eaten, everyone is happy.

Lunch - to go

7. Shadow I thought is was funny that on Easter Day the topic was Shadow… Not egg? bunny? CHOCOLATE?? Nope, Shadow. This was taken while the boys where hunting for EGGS, eating CHOCOLATE, talking about BUNNY’s

Shadow on Easter.

Have you noticed a change in your eyes?

Do you pack a lunch?

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