Review of Ms. Senior Arizona 2012 Pageant

I have been the official Image Consultant for the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant for the last 10 years.  I work with the ladies who would like help with wardrobe choices and with make up application techniques. It has been great fun and very inspiring. The contestants are judged in four areas: the interview with the judges, philosophy, gown and talent. They must also be 60 and above.

Day of the pageant I spend the entire day with them from dress rehearsal to end of the pageant. It is a long day for us all. I make sure they are zipped, buttoned, pinned, and made up. Oh, and I had to keep track of everyone to make sure they where back stage on time.

After 6 or so rehearsals and getting to meet about half in their homes I come to love these ladies. They are so inspiring and full of such knowledge. I love to hear each of their experiences and stories of life.

Here are some photos I was able to capture during the day of the pageant.

Group shot of the class of 2012

Getting ready!

Back Stage.

getting direction

The 2012 Queen

2010 Ms. Senior Arizona Court


3 thoughts on “Review of Ms. Senior Arizona 2012 Pageant

  1. Outstanding work! I would love for you to promote yourself on our site. We have 1,000’s of girls in need of some great makeup tips. How did you get into the Senior pageants?

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