Parenthood – March Photo a Day – 10 & 12 & 13

I am skipping around a bit today as all these photo are related to my children. AND I want to do a separate post about day eleven.  Crazy how many things I can relate to my children. I try not to do to many so I can have some diversity but there they are and all the things related to them. 🙂

10. LOUD The little guy is loud on sooo many levels. He is still learning what an inside voice is. But he has always been loud, even as an infant. I think I may have even lost a bit of hearing in my left ear from this kiddo. But my favorite time when he is loud is when he is belly laughing. So here you have it a LOUD belly laugh photo. Maybe I’ll do a video sometime just so you can hear it. You’ll end up laughing right with him

LOUD - Laughter

12. Fork This set was a gift to my big boy. It is a great boy gift. I am sure some girls would like it to but I know my boys really enjoy it. I like the play on words. “Fork – LIft”

"Fork" LIft

13. A Sign il bambino dorme – We found this sign before our first baby was born. My hubby is part Italian and it just fit for us. It was nice to use if we had guest over to remind them that a baby was sleeping behind that door. I have even used it on the outside door. We rarely use it anymore as we no longer have babies.  We have big boys.

Sign - Baby is sleeping.

What do you enjoy as a parent?

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