March Photo a Day 1. Up 2. Fruit 3. Your Neighborhood

It was a challenge for me to figure out how to do the “photos a day” while away.  I went to The Leadership Conference for BeautiControl to keep up on the new things introduced and get motivated. I’ll post about that soon. Somehow I made it work.

1. UP After arguing with the front desk girl about having a non smoking room, she insisted there weren’t any, she “found one” on the 15th floor. Here is the view from the room.

Up-room with a view.

2. Fruit It was not easy to finding fruit that was photographable… So this is what I got… when I dropped way to much for a yogurt parfait, but it had fruit.

Fruit - Yogurt Parfait

3. Your Neighborhood – Once again standing outside trying to get a photo… my neighbors must thing I’m a nut. 🙂  I almost forgot to get this photo today, hence,  a night time shot.

Your Neighborhood - at night

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