Catching up February Photo a day 26-29

I was concerned that when I left on my trip that I might not get back. I was right. Sorry, I’ve been “away” from blogging.  I’ll try not to overwhelm you with to much as I catch up on the daily photos and my other thoughts. 🙂

Here we are the 26th – Night The funny thing about this photo, I was standing out in my driveway taking pictures of the block trying to get a shot when two police officers drove up and parked. EEK, whats that about… they went to my neighbors house but gave me a funny look. I waved and smiled. lol

27. Something you ate Lunch with the boys. C Boy wanted a TIE Fighter sandwich. He was very happy we have the cutters from William Sonoma.

28. Money I had appointments all day. So I had some cash. Yippy!

My ATM (any time money)

29. Something you’re listening to This is the radio station in Dallas that was playing in the Super Shuttle. The driver though I was funny taking a picture of the radio. Yeah, that’s me, funny.  I was also listening to all the conversations but every time I tried to get a photo it just came out bad and I knew I would be in trouble if I posted.  PS… Happy Leap Year.

Something you're listening to

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