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Fashion – Karen Kane Fashion Show – Phoenix

It was a very busy day the day of the Karen Kane fashion. I did the fashion show and the Ms. Senior AZ Pageant in the same day. Here are my thoughts and experience about the fashion show.

There was a nice reception before the fashion show They served sparkling cider, raspberry lemonade, red velvet cupcakes,  & fruit tarts.  And best of all an opportunity to meet with Karen Kane. She is very gracious and took many pictures with her fans. Me included. 🙂 I look like I had been running across town 3 different times that day. Goodness. She looks lovely.

I’ve been a fan of Karen Kane fashions for a long time. I became a bigger fan when I heard she does 80% of the manufacturing here in the US. I also appreciate that she is still doing all of the designing herself.

Made in USA.

Here are some photos from the fashion show.

I want this jacket.

Love the the print and that it has pockets.

The short seen below are a beautiful linen great length. I get so scared of linen as a mom who hates to iron. I just know they’d be so comfy and cool during the Hot AZ summers.

Love the color and length of this dress.

On another quick mommy note about Karen Kane fashions, most of them are washable.

I have more photos I think I’ll post another time. More of a “who I met” blog topic.

Faith – March Photo a Day – 20. Before & After

Today (March 20th) was Testimony Day at Mom’s on a Mission. I find it funny that the theme for today is Before & After. My dear friend Monica shared her story and it happens to be a before and after kind of story, a story of transformation. The whole morning was very emotional as the leadership team shared some before and after thoughts about what they were/are going through. Hearts really opened up and allowed for more sharing. The theme was Beautiful.

Here is one of the things the mom’s received as well as a mirror with “You are beautiful! Love God”

Before and After

I think I was really suppose to for the Istagram challenge post two photos as one, but I don’t know how to do that yet. 🙂

Here are more photos of the day.

Writing our promises

The mirrors were used so each mom could right God’s promise about her on it as she looks in the mirror. Example: I am beautiful for I am a child of God

Back drop w/ more mirrors

The Verse

Decor for the morning.

Cookie again with decor behind.

March Photo a Day 18 & 19

This little (18. A Corner of Your Home) is in my sons room. Sweet P loves to “make pizza” and “fix” the oven. He is also a book lover. He will grab a book at any time and plop in my lap and say, “read, pease”.

A corner of your home

19. Funny This is just a photo shot of my phone. The weather decided to be “funny” this week, a thirty degree difference in just a week. Spring in AZ.

Funny Spring Weather in AZ

Food – Ladies Who Lunch – In training

Had the privilege to lunch with a couple of my girlfriends the other day at Au Petit Four. It was so delightful. The food was wonderful and the conversation even better. As a moms we so appreciate the time and opportunity to have uninterrupted adult conversation. I think it’s important for mom’s to have girlfriend time.

Our youngest kiddos are about to enter preschool in the near future, so we were laughing that we were about to become “ladies who lunch” and this was just training. I like this kind of training.

We shared a selection of Nicoise salad, Smoked salmon sandwich, and Goat cheese quiche. YUMM! These girls know how to pick some good food. I was lucky to be lunching with some foodies. 🙂

Here’s a look at what we had.

Smoked Salmon on a FRESH baguette.



Here's all the shared yummmies.

OH and by the way this is the March Photo a Day for day 21. Delicious How lucky did I get to have this topic the same day as lunch with friends.

How do you feel about lunching? Are you in training?

Parenthood – Thoughts on Traditions

When I was a kid my mom had this thing she’d say to us before we left for school. ALL of our school years even into college when I still lived at home. My brother hated it and would try to leave before she’d get it out. But mom would just “yell” it down the street, which was worse for his “image”, so he’d stay until she was done. It isn’t long but says sooo much. I’m sure at some points during childhood I’d hope she’d stop or forget but really I found comfort in the consistency.

“Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Adventuresome. Adios, Farewell, tootle loo, I love you.”

She gave us permission everyday to be bold. Bold in our dreams, beliefs and actions. Helped us remember to be brave in all we do. And that is is OK to be adventuresome even when the world wants you to go with the flow. And most importantly we knew each day when we left the house out of her care into the care of others that she loved us. So you can imagine when I found this stationary I was thrilled. I wish I could have bought everyone they had.

Be Adventurous.

I have not lived at home for a long time. My hubby and I waited to have children so it had been awhile since I had thought of this little saying of my mom’s. When my oldest started preschool I started to say it. It felt funny coming out of my mouth. I have decided to change it just a little for my silly family. I want to pass this on to my kids. And Yes, I’ll likely yell it down the street if they leave before I get to say it. C Boy is in Kindergarden and I say to him before he jumps out of the car. He now says to me “Mom, aren’t you going to say IT?” I hope he remembers that when he’s 13. 🙂  Here is what I say: “Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Adventuresome. Au revoir. Caio. Tootle loo, I love you.”

What saying have you passed on to your children?

Fashion & Sas – March Photo a Day 16 & 17

Not that you need to see another photo of me, but how can you truly see the fun in the next photo topic?

16. Sunglasses Yes, I am a bit on the sassy side. I wonder where my kiddos get it from. I bought these fun pink sunglasses in San Giminano, Italy at an open market. So fun. It is one of my favorite place to visit. The day I got these it was pouring rain.

Sunglasses - Pink & Sassy

17. Green Hmmm, I wonder why they picked green for March 17th. Funny topic. I was at the Ms. Senior Arizona rehearsal on the 17th and found this lovely lady with her beautiful Emerald Green Jewels on. Go figure she’s a redhead too. She’s on of the contestants, funny, poised, and lovely.

Green - Wearing her emeralds.

What accessory makes you feel sassy?