Fashion – Photo a Day 12. Inside Your Closet

 There is something unique in this closet and that is… hats. I love hats. I use to wear hats all the time. Since having children it has not been a fashion accessory I have chosen. Not sure it it has to do with the fact they (the boys) pull them off my head, doesn’t go with the mommy looked I had been rocking or if it is the blind spot that they created (not good to keep eyes on kiddos).  Whatever the reason I have my collection hanging in the closet waiting for me.  I think it is time to pull a few out and see what happens.

Just a few hats.

As you can see from this view of my closet I am not lacking in clothes. I do still sometimes like many of my clients stand looking at it and say “I have nothing to wear”. Not often, but sometimes.

Nothing to wear?

It is mostly color coordinated and sorted by sleeve length. I dream of someday having the walk in with the sitting area and a cute chandelier on the ceiling. sigh… someday.

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