February Photo a Day (Catch up) 3. Hands 4. a Stranger and 5. 10am

Hands  I had captured a photo of 3 generations of hands, my mom, my son and I. I was just heart broken to find when I went to post it, it was gone. I had lost the moment. Here is what I caught instead, which makes me laugh because it is so silly.

My son making a finger dog at dinner. His younger brother enjoys being silly right along with him. They both end up making puppy noises or changing the sounds. A friend calls his “doots”. So funny. You can always take them along to play with and they never get lost.

Finger Dog...

Stranger  This one felt a little odd. Until I saw this father and son playing together on the lawn at my church. They didn’t even know I took it.

and so we come to today…  10am

I missed 10am on the nose but I was close. We were trying to get the boys our of the house to go visit the grandparents.  These are the clocks in our kitchen. The middle one is our time. The others are for Paris & Bora Bora. I don’t think they are accurate. We try to correct them a couple times a year.  A question we are asked frequently is “why?”  I love Paris and would like to go back as often as possible… I have never been to Bora Bora but I will someday. There you have it “why”…

Bora Bora, Phoenix, Paris

There you have it.


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