Fashion – Skin Care – Makeup – February Photo a Day 22, 23, 24, and 25.

Yes, I am lumping several days into one post, again. Finding my rhythm to write my posts have been difficult for me. I, as many moms do, have a lot on my plate. Not an excuse, just the truth.

Day 22. Where you Work  My motto has been “Have car will travel” when it come to my business.  My work is done at your kitchen table across from you, in your clothing closet, at the your store of choice, or at the event of your choice.  I am independent so I go where I am needed/wanted. This photo is specifically of my BeautiControl Bag and all the goodies inside… BC Skin Spa Facial line, all the “face lift” products, of course a full army of cosmetics.

Across the Kitchen Table from you.

Day 23. Your Shoes  Remember when I shared a good friend of mine gave me some shoes?  Here is another pair. They were surprisingly comfortable and of course super chic.

My Chic Green Shoes.

Day 24. Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet  I was sooo dreading this one. But I guess we have a lot of the same things everyone else has.

Bathroom Cabinet

Here is my favorite part of the bathroom cabinet. My skin care.  Yes, I know that I have some bias, but I truly would not be using it if I didn’t love it and see results. (BeautiControl’s BC Spa Facial Regime)  And, there is a NEW item in there that I am sooo enjoying, TFF (Tight Firm and Fill) Extreme (silver bottle). This stuff totally rocks.

Inside my Bathroom Cabinet - close up.

Day 25. Green This is a necklace my grandmother gave me while she was still alive. She wore it when she was “young”. I don’t wear a lot of green but when I do I pull this necklace out.  In fact I wore them the day I wore the chic green shoes from above. I don’t have a lot from her so this is really special to me.

Green - Necklace



Family – February Photo a Day 21. A Fave Photo of You

This photo really speaks a lot. Sweet P was still wee and C boy was trying to figure out his place in life and the family. C boy was a little “mad” at mom for having to take care of Sweet P, but didn’t want to be left out. These boys steal my heart daily.

Fave Photo of me... and my boys.

Oh, and I must say this photo was inspired by one my husband did with them. His came out so good I wanted one of my own.

All My Boys


Catching up on February Photo a Day 17. Time 18. Drink 19. Something You hate to do.

Time:  I wanted to get created with time… but I didn’t quite make it work like I wanted it to. I thought when I took this with the hour glass and photos is that time is flying buy. I guess I could have hung the hour glass on a string… hmmm. Maybe next time.

Drink:  Had just a bit of time left for my sitter so popped over to the local Starbuck to get just a bit more work done.  They still don’t know me… good… bad… not sure.

Iced Chai Latte

Something you hate to do:  I really don’t like the word “hate” I have lots of dislikes but hate is reserved. For what? Well I hope I never find out.  In the mean time I really “dislike” the amount of constant laundry I have to do.


Fashion – February Photo a Day 16. Something New

I have a fabulous friend who is moving out of country and is clearing out her closet.  I am very sad about her move.  Excited for her too, but sad.  To help ease the pain she asked me to come pick out some of her shoes. Wooo Hooo! I walked away with 13 pairs of shoes (and still left many behind)

Here is just a couple.


Food – Photo a Day 14. Heart

Valentine’s Day Meals… Loving on my boys

For some reason this year I decied to do something special for my family.  I was inspired by a pinterest photo that went viral on FB a while ago. So I made a day of hearts and food for the boys.

We started Valentine’s morning with heart shaped cinnamon rolls. Here is what they looked like before baking.  Just took the refrigerated rolls, unrolled part way and reshaped a bit. When C Boy realized what I was making he was just beside himself.

Here is what they looked like baked and iced. Big smiles all morning.


For lunch I made PB&J sandwiches, but… cookie cutter-ed a heart. No photo it disappeared to fast.

And for dinner I made heart shaped pizza. Here’s the process and how it turned out.

Shaping the dough. Again super easy… Betty Crocker dump and stir pizza dough.

Shaping the dough

Added the sauce… jar sauce.

Add the toppings (pepperoni & cheese)

Bake, cool, cut, eat…