Faith – God Wanting You to Press In

It is interesting the way God speaks. For each person it is as unique and individual as they are. For me, He uses several different methods, quotes, sermons, music, friends, and the dearly loved 2 x 4. (ouch!)

Recently I had three separate moments that all “spoke” the same thing to me. “Press In.” “Keep going forward.” “Expect God to move.” At times it is hard to keep moving forward when the progress you expect and want isn’t coming. I sometimes forget that the unseen is making progress while I’m making my forward motion at a snails pace.

Here is what caught my attention. A sermon given Jan 2nd on Sweet Baby Jesus – Luke 2:21-52. About several people expecting and looking for God to show up. In the end was asked the question… What are you expecting from God this year? And encouraged to look to where God is moving and partner with Him.

Then this quote popped up on my Facebook feed, Joyce Meyers, “Right now God is working and you will see what He’s doing at just the right time. He may not be early but He won’t be late!”

Then I had a great meeting with some Girlfriendit leaders that talked about the same thing… pressing in, going forward even when you don’t know what the outcome will be.

So what does this all mean. Not sure, but believe me I am Pressing In!  What about you?


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