Mommy Style Essentials

I have come up with a list for mommy’s wanting to grab on to their style again if they haven’t already.  This list is primarily for Phoenix Metro area moms. I am speaking to a moms group and wanted to give some idea. The picture doesn’t really have all of them but has some great examples.

Mommy Style Essentials

1. A great skin care regimen is so important. As moms we get tired and think to just jump into bed. Take the time to care for yourself and your skin. You’ll be glad you did later.
2. Concealer, tinted moisturizer, bronzer or blush, liner mascara and a lip gloss are great basics for moms to have in there make up bag.
3. Well fitting and supportive bra. Get fitted by a pro. Get at least one REALLY good bra and base the rest of what you try on by that one.  We tend to let this go due to cost or not feeling it is essential. It is.  Your clothes will fit better and like taking care of  your skin you’ll be glad you took care in this area too.
4. Have pretty undergarments. Something that makes you feel pretty and lets your hubby know you haven’t forgotten what life was like before kids.  Have black even if they are just basic cotton. And some lace. Ones that fit and are comfy no need to suffer.
5. Great fitting jeans. I can’t tell you which style is best for you but find out. Take the time to try on different styles. You’re body may not be the same since you’ve had kids and therefore your jeans not fit the same. It really is better to have 1-2 great fitting jeans at $50 or more a pop than a dresser full of ill fitting $20 jeans.
6. Wear cute tops. Yes, it is not easy when you have food and snot that may come at you at any moment. There are cute washable looks out there. If you are just going to buy a basic T-shirt, then for heavens sake get it in a great color.
7. Accessorize…. wait until baby is out of the “I’m gonna pull that dangling thing out of your ear, off our neck” phase. When baby is past that phase, pull out the earrings and necklaces again. If you don’t have any get some. It will help pull together your jeans and T-shirt look.
8. Great layering piece. Sweater Coat, Denim Jacket, blazer, you pick. Pull out your personality on this.
9. Good bag that can go over the shoulder or across you. Nothing like trying to carry a dainty bag with your two year old throwing a tantrum.
10. Have a great Little Black Dress on hand. (or whatever color your drawn to). One that fits and you feel fantastic wearing. Don’t wait until you “need” one. You’ll just be frustrated and buy the wrong one. Have the shoes and right bag (no mommy purse) to go with it so when the need arises you are prepared.
Believe me there is more I could say on this topic but I’ll wait for another day.

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