Fashion – Bargain Hunting

I love a great buy, ok bargain. I rarely buy full price unless I am still dreaming about something days later or I have an emergency. Not sure why but I have always been like this.  If I can get more things I want by waiting for them to go on sale that makes me happy. Wonder if this is a first born thing?

I wanted to share my most recent finds. Unfortunately photographing them was a little hard, but I think you’ll get the idea. It was a quick trip as I happen to be in the area and thought I’d pop into this store.  I do have one stead fast rule, in order to buy it, it must go with 3 other things in my closet. I rarely break this rule. So here is what I found.

Pretty in Purple


I am a purple addict so this caught my eye. Not much on the hanger, but when I tried it on it fit beautifully. It can be worn with jeans, trousers, or a pencil skirt. (Bisou Bisou)

Classic Professional look

Being a classic fashion personality I tend to look for tailored. I have several business profession events coming up and was feeling a bit lacking in this area. (Although probably  not really) So the navy pinstriped tailored (Ann Taylor) button down with feminine lines paired with the grey (very) light weight tweed trouser (willi smith) is very appealing. I have some fantastic accessories which will finish this outfit.

Last but not least a fun dress.

Great Color & Lines

Since my lifestyle has changed, with two little boys running around, dresses and I have not gotten along. This dress inspires me. Might be from hanging with blogger, Angela, from Forward Fashion Diary. Or I just might be ready. I can see this with knee boots and tights or a great red heel (all of which I have). Can’t wait to show these off in person.


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