Faith – Fashion – Food

Why Faith, Fashion and Food? At this time in my life, those three topics come up A LOT. Along with Family & Friends but I feel those are given topics and always end up in the categories anyway.

Faith.  I am always being challenged as to where I am on my faith walk. I know this walk is uniquely mine as I am a unique child of God, however, the path is full of others who need to know they are not alone. I am encouraged when I read or hear about others who are either going through something similar or have made it through one of my struggles. I hope to be one of encouragement for others.

Fashion.  This topic is also near and dear to my heart. I have been a fashionista since I was tiny, happily giving whomever would listen fashion advice. It is now my career & business. I actually get paid to give that advice. Wanting to pay it forward, I get to share some tidbits of the happenings of my biz and share tips.

Food.  This is an unexpected topic to my life. I like food, I like to eat food, I like good food, but never thought it would be something I spent much time thinking, talking or posting about. Funny how God throws the unexpected into your life.  I am the founder of Funky Freezer Girls, a freezer meal exchange group. It has changed so many families’ lives and now I talk about food… a lot. So, I’ll be sharing some recipes and ideas here.

Looking forward to sharing all this with you.


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